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In 1912, after the death of his mother, Jim Thorpe, a member of the Sac and Fox Nation, is sent to a school run by white men that aims to "civilize" and stamp out Native identity. Pop Warner, a former college football coach new to the school, immediately notices Jim's athletic ability, and encourages him to join the football team, and the players fight to win games and prove themselves in the face of racism, as well as retain their Native identities.
In 1912, twenty-year-old Native American Jim Thorpe is sent by his father to Carlisle Indian School, where the white headmaster aims to "kill the Indian inside" of his students through a rigorous college education. At the same time, spirited coach Pop Warner takes over the school’s struggling football program and, noticing Jim’s extraordinary athletic talent, recruits him to play for the team, which secures victory after victory, fighting against racism and setbacks with the sense of pride the coach instills in them.
In the early 20th century, Native American Jim Thorpe loses his brother and mother and is forced to go to a school for Indian children run by white men, where currently unreliable college football coach Pop Warner has taken on the job of improving the school’s team. After taking notice of Jim’s explosive athletic talent, Pop insists the boy join the football team, and together they build the unlikely but riveting success of the team that continues to be challenged by racism.
Action, Drama, Historical, Sports, Period, Athlete, College/University, Dysfunctional Family, Football, Identity, Inspirational, Mainstream (studio), Outsider, Racially Based, Student, Troubled Youth, True Story
M Native American 20 Average
Invincible, The Way Back, Jim Thorpe - All American, Remember the Titans, The Express, 42, The English Game (TV)
Mainly takes place at a school in Pennsylvania: classrooms, football stadium, dorms, offices. Other scenes take place in Texas, Oklahoma, and at Westpoint.

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In 1912 Texas, JIM THORPE (20), a Native American man, works on a cattle ranch with WHEELOCK (30s) who taunts him while KIOWA KIDS watch. He goes out to a saloon where Wheelock again taunts him for being a stoic Indian, and they fight.

At Cornell University, Cornell plays Princeton in football while Cornell coach GLENN SCOBIE “POP” WARNER (40s) watches and gives directions. After the game, JOHANSON (40s) tells Pop he's being replaced.

Jim reads a letter from his father telling him about his mother’s fever and asking him to come home. The next day, the MANAGER lets him go from his job, and Jim rides toward Oklahoma territory. He passes WHITE SETTLERS claiming land, and arrives home to see his family, father HIRAM THORPE (60s) and siblings ADALINE (12), and GEORGE (24).

Pop prepares for a coaching job interview with the help of his wife LORRAINE “TIBB” WARNER (40s). CAPTAIN RICHARD HENRY PRATT (50) calls Pop from the Carlisle Indian School looking for a football coach, which Pop declines. During the interview, the representatives from Pitt clash with Pop's creative style.

Jim’s mother CHARLOTTE (40s) lies ill and soon dies. Hiram encourages Jim to become educated, and gets Jim a place at...