• Codename Danger
  • Action Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped
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A former spy gets the opportunity to salvage his reputation by going undercover to identify a mole at an experimental aircraft squadron headquarters.
After a failed mission results in the death of his mentor, a spy now barely getting by as a PI is offered the chance to redeem himself by returning to the trade to locate a missing test pilot. The spy goes undercover and begins investigating, but a shady engineer and his powerful boss are soon on to the man, who must stay one step ahead.
A notorious espionage operative is called back into action to uncover the identity of a mole supplying military-grade secrets to an unscrupulous industrialist.
Action, Comedy, Thriller, Agent, Betrayal, Espionage, Espionage/Spy, Farce, Secret Identity, Secrets, Undercover
M Unspecified 35 Attractive
Spy Hard!, Johnny English, Kingsman Series, The Pink Panther, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Recruit, I-Spy, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Broken Arrow, The Saint, Eraser
Present, A Few Weeks / Flashbacks To Three Years Ago, One Day
Locations include: a terrorist camp on a North African beach, various offices, an experimental aircraft squadron headquarters, hanger, laboratory, gymnasium, vehicle compound, country lane, country house, dark room, museum loading bay, shipping warehouse, Berlin circus, woodland, and prison cell.

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Agent DAMIAN TEMPLE (40s) infiltrates a terrorist camp with the help of records employee, JOHN DANGER (30s).  John accidentally makes noise, and Damian is caught.  John tries to save Damian but instead gets him killed. 

Three years later, GEORGE KALONEDES (40s) has CARRUTHERS (30s), a test pilot and RAF squadron leader, kidnapped.  MR. BUCKINGHAM (60), the head of international intelligence and John’s former boss, approaches him.  Mr. Buckingham tells John about Carruthers’ disappearance and how Carruthers was supposed to test a new thought-control plane, the Whirlwind.  Mr. Buckingham believes there is a mole and offers John his job back if he can identify the mole. 

John agrees and goes undercover at a local air force base.  John quickly meets the inventor of the Whirlwind, who it turns out is Kalonedes.  Later, John goes to the vehicle impound lot where Carruthers’ car is being kept.  Inside the vehicle, John finds a nodding dog ornament with a miniature radio collar attached.  He takes the collar.

Soon after, he meets with coworker, GRACE HARDCASTLE (20s), to drive to Kalonedes’ home.  While John drives, Grace notices his car is filled with strange buttons.  She pushes one and unintentionally unleashes MARK SWIFT (?) from the trunk of the...