• Buccaneers of the Asteroid Belt
  • Rev#1
  • Action Sci-Fi Scouted Available Unrepped
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When the CEO of a space mining company is faced with bankruptcy and radiation poisoning threatens his crew and his family, he makes a decision to hijack a company ship to get to Mars for treatment, while being pursued every step of the way by a former rival looking to reclaim the ship for himself.
A CEO of a space-mining company must abandon his mission to collect precious metals in order to get his family and crew back to Mars for medical treatment after being exposed to radiation.
A man leads a mining company in outer space with his family. After a conceited CEO floods the market and puts other companies out of business, this leads to looting and space piracy. With only 90 days to get his crew to Mars before their health fails, the man commandeers the CEO’s ship in order to make it there in time.
Action, Sci-fi, Adventure, Environment, Father, Father/Son, Fatherhood, Futuristic, Heartwarming, Husband/Wife, Mainstream (studio), Space/Outer Space
M Unspecified 47 Average
Interstellar, Passengers, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Treasure Planet, Red Planet
Unspecified time in the future / About a few weeks
Mostly in outer space on a spaceship: shipping dock, mining base, flight deck, business headquarters, mining base, etc.

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In the future, JACKSON BINKIS (47), along with his wife EVA (42) and son SCOTT (17) live onboard a space mining base, as Jackson and Eva run their company that is slowly going under. Elsewhere, SPENCER ELOSIAN (42), the CEO of a company called AstraCorp, successfully reveals his plans for transforming plasma into metals, potentially dooming the mining industry. Back at the mining base, Jackson’s friend and rival TOSHIRO (45), reveals AstraCorp’s plans and is ordered to dock his ship, while Jackson remains hopeful of a turnaround.

Months pass, and Jackson’s business is still in the red. Worse, employees are suffering from radiation poisoning from being out in space for too long. Jackson and the crew are given ninety days before the point of no return. The only nearby planet that can cure them is a colonized Mars.

Jackson and his crew discover Toshiro’s old ship floating in space. Investigating, they discover Spencer and his crew, who have run into system trouble. It’s discovered that the ship’s damaged was caused by weaponry, and Spencer admits that he stole the ship and was attacked by an unknown vessel. It’s also revealed that Spencer is wanted by the UN for violating antitrust laws. With...