• Season of Love
  • Comedy Rom-Com Scouted Available Unrepped
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A romantic-comedy-fixated screenwriter, who fears commitment in his own relationships, meets a woman who has just broken an engagement and they hit it off. Both are only interested in a short-term rebound romance, so they agree on a set of terms to keep their fling limited to the spring and summer, but as they start to genuinely fall for one another and break the various rules, their future becomes complicated.
A struggling screenwriter with a passion for writing romantic comedies and modeling his life after them meets a woman recovering from a breakup, and proposes he be her temporary rebound boyfriend. Yet as the agreed-upon end date of their relationship approaches, both of them start to rethink their initial terms as their feelings grow more genuine.
A screenwriter incapable of long-term relationships meets a nurse with numerous broken engagements behind her, and when they hit it off, the writer suggests they have a fling. Despite coming up with a “contract” to keep their relationship casual, the two soon fall in love, giving the writer fodder for his next screenplay, but forcing them both to face their commitment-phobic ways.
Comedy, Drama, Romantic Comedy, Filmmaker/Filmmaking, Racy/Raunchy, Relationship, Wedding, Writer/Writing
M Unspecified 27 Average
Love Actually, 40-Year-Old Virgin, 500 Days of Summer, High Fidelity, Isn't It Romantic?, No Strings Attached, Friends with Benefits
Present / One Year
90% Vancouver, Canada. 10% various, including: airports, bars, a porn store, a hospital, homes, a hotel.

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TIM (20s), a weed-smoking screenwriter, struggles to get past rom-com clichés in his newest script. Meanwhile, WYNTER (20s), a nurse, is set to marry her fiancé but finds him with a dominatrix and promptly dumps him. Tim isn’t able to commit to his girlfriend AMBER (20s), so they break up. Wynter tells her sister CRYSTAL (30s) that she’s become cynical about relationships and will soon follow her dream of working in Africa.

Tim’s friends, married couple LIAM (20s) and pregnant VICKY (20s), give him advice on his script, but also astutely note that he is a bad boyfriend with unrealistic standards, never having gone more than a few months in a real relationship.

Tim and Wynter meet by chance in an elevator that gets stuck. They hit it off, discuss their careers, and even share a background of divorced parents. After a while, Wynter can’t hold her pee anymore and has to go in a mug. They are rescued but she’s embarrassed. Later, they have rebound sex. Wynter’s friends and Tim’s friends hear about the hookup. Tim’s DAD (50s), who now has a 20-something girlfriend, reminds Tim that he said if he didn’t make it writing within the year, he’d move back...