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A politician attempts to hide and repress his identity as a gay man by engaging in a relationship with a straight woman and using his political position to support the fight against gay marriage.
A young man rising in the ranks of the Republican Party suppresses his homosexuality, hiding it from his family and friends as he runs for office.
Through his youth in the '80s and '90s, a young man evolves towards a successful political career as a member of the Republican party. Even after he marries and has a child however, he struggles with a double life as a closeted gay man.
Drama, Political, Addiction, Character Study, Drugs, Father/Son, Husband/Wife, Independent (avant-garde), LGBTQ, Marriage, Secrets, Suicide
M Unspecified 33 Average
Moonlight, Milk, Outrage, Boy Erased
1982 - 2008
Washington, DC, Suburban Homes, St. Louis, Cardinals Stadium, Bars, Washington University, Political Offices, Mansion, Baltimore, Branson, Missouri, Courthouse

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In 2008, NATHAN ROBERTS (33) is close to killing himself.

In 1982, when Nathan is seven, he and sister PAIGE (8) play dress-up with the neighborhood kids, and when they stage a wedding, Nathan plays the bride. This enrages Nathan’s conservative father HENRY (30s), who goes off on the neighbors.

Young Nathan impresses everyone with his ability to quote Richard Nixon. His mother CAROLE (30s) is constantly depressed and rarely gets out of bed. After a baseball game, Henry hassles a pair of men being affectionate in public. He lectures Nathan on their degenerate behavior.

In 1992, when Nathan and Paige are teens, they go to a bonfire where Nathan talks to TIM (17). When the boys are alone, Tim tries to kiss Nathan and after initially responding positively, Nathan attacks Tim in a rage. Paige tries to imply that if Nathan is gay, she will be supportive, but Nathan shuts her down.

Nathan graduates as valedictorian and goes on to college. There he hooks up with men at clubs in secret. Paige comes to visit. When they run into one of Nathan’s flings, CARLOS (20s), Nathan tries to deny it in front of Paige.

By 2003. Nathan is working as a political aid to...