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An artist struggles to create his next great piece after his friend accidentally takes the picture that skyrockets the artist to critical acclaim.
An aspiring artist is shocked to discover that a prank picture his friends accidentally took is presented as his own work, and is stuck attempting to surpass it after it gains massive popularity and controversy.
After his friend takes a photo of a dildo on his work camera, an aspiring artist accidentally turns in the photograph to a gallery, and his provocative new work is hailed as the hottest thing in the local art scene, thus forcing him to struggle to hang on to his newfound fame.
Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Art, Buddy, Ensemble Cast, Friends/Friendship, Racy/Raunchy, Secrets
M Unspecified 28 Attractive
(Untitled), The Square, Cyrano de Bergerac, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Hangover, Pineapple Express
Present Day/ Several Weeks.
Locations are set in Philadelphia and include the Philadelphia Museum of Art, house with art studio, office building, art gallery, strip club, university, police station, and the Kimmel Center.

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CLAUDE (28) is attempting to film a performance art piece of his friend BRODY (28) puking on the famous “Rocky” steps, but Brody fails to make himself vomit, and are chased out by security. Claude is trying to get an art piece made to HERZOG (45) to put on display at an art gallery for potential buyers.

Later, Brody goes his job at a wealth management firm, where he works with TROY (28), ALEXIS (28) and ELIZABETH (28). Brody has a crush on SARAH (28), who is working as a lawyer. At Claude’s home, Brody, Troy and NASH (28) mess around with a gigantic sex toy for a friend’s bachelor party. Brody takes Claude’s camera and pretends to film it, not knowing that he was taking multiple pictures of it from different angles. Herzog arrives looking for a piece, and he takes Claude’s camera's memory card, not knowing what’s on it.

Claude goes to visit Uncle MAURICE (55), who isn’t impressed by his portfolio, and gives him one more chance before cutting off his trust fund. Claude goes to the art gallery to see the sex toy picture on display in his name. He’s aghast, but plays along before he confronts Brody....