• Lest More Mischance
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In the days after WWII, as Soviet forces and a multitude of revenge seekers diligently patrol Eastern Europe for fugitive Nazis, an ordinary German professor with an uncanny resemblance to top-ranking Nazi officer Martin Bormann is caught without his passport and mistaken for the man. He quickly determines that his only way to survive is to exploit the ruse and take advantage of the network and resources offered by other escaping Nazis.
In the aftermath of World War II, an Austrian Shakespeare professor is mistaken for Nazi official Martin Bormann due to his striking physical resemblance and becomes forced to keep up the performance as a group of other Nazi officials fleeing prosecution in Europe take him to escape across the border and eventually to South America.
In the aftermath of World War II, a German professor is mistaken for a deceased Nazi officer due to his uncanny resemblance to the man. Fleeing Nazi hunters, he reluctantly teams up with other Nazis as he attempts to survive.
Action, Drama, Historical, Thriller, Adventure, Crime, Period, Political, Chase, Conspiracy, Criminal, Ensemble Cast, Escape, Espionage, Fish-Out-Of-Water, Military, Mistaken Identity, Nazi, Revenge, Secret Identity, Survival, WWII
M White 50 Average
The Captain (2018), Inglorious Basterds, Fury, Schindler's List
1945 / A Few Months
80% Western and Eastern Europe. 20% Argentina: homes, woods, offices, prison, safehouse, bar, church, concentration camp.

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In 1945 Berlin, Nazi officers LUDWIG STUMPFEGGER (?), ARTUR AXMANN (?), and MARTIN BORMANN (?) emerge from a manhole and make an attempt to navigate an escape through the city as Soviet forces hunt down any and all remaining Nazis. The escape does not go well, and SOVIET SOLDIERS shoot and kill Stumpfegger and Martin while Axmann is taking by the Soviets.

Days later, RAINER ROGG (?) and GRETA ROGG (?) discuss how Hitler has committed suicide and the war is coming to an end. However, they lament that the war took the life of their son whom they still grieve over. The two of them comfort each other and dance with one another. Then, Rainer prepares for a trip to visit his sister a convent. Meanwhile, in the Ravensbruck Concentration Camp, MILA LENGA (?) is rescued as the only remaining survivor by a group of SOVIET SOLDIERS.

Elsewhere, RUTH MILSTEIN (?) and CHARLES INMAN (?) of the US Army assist in the interview of the captured Axmann. Axmann claims Bormann is dead, but since his body cannot be found, it is difficult to convince the American forces of this.

Rainer arrives at the convent and visits with his sister LIESL (?). As...