• Pressure
  • S K Lind
  • Drama Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped
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After a landscape architect and the business associate he is having an affair with kill two strangers who hijacked the architect’s private plane, the lovers struggle to conceal their relationship from the architect’s family and their crimes from their hijackers’ associates.
Struggling with an affair with a past lover, a successful architect and family man finds himself in the crosshairs of a government conspiracy involving murder and money.
After a man has a sexual encounter with a former flame within his private plane, he is hijacked by a group of corrupt law enforcement officials. The man defeats the officials and disposes of their bodies, but he finds that their associates are now tracking him down and his former flame is becoming increasingly unstable and is threatening to reveal the man's brief affair to his wife.
Drama, Thriller, Affair, Airplane, Cop/FBI/CIA, Corruption, Dark, Mainstream (studio), Relationship, Survival
M Unspecified 30 Average
Unfaithful, Enemy of the State, Derailed, Hijacked
Present Day/  Roughly A Few Days.
Private Plane, Residential Homes, Hawaiian Islands, Beaches, Airports, Streets, Hotels, Ocean.

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A diplomat named GERARD APOLINAR (?) laments his past actions, and the fact that his 13 year old daughter was drugged, raped and kidnapped as a result of them. Someone breaks in and shoots him in the head.

Meanwhile, in Maui, GARY SPRINGER (30s) and his wife, JUDY (30s), go about their day with their kids, KATE (13) and MATTHEW (7). CARRIE (18), the car pool driver, takes the kids to school. Gary flies out on his private plane for a business trip with his partner, MASH (45). He works at an architecture firm and is trying to close a big deal.

At an awards event, Gary catches the eye of LAURA FOSTER (30) just before he wins the big award. Gary and Laura finally get to talking, and it becomes clear that they know each other and once were romantically involved. Gary makes a pitch for a new project to an incredibly rich client named BILL (?). He ends up having to fly alone with Laura in his jet. Laura initiates sex in the plane, but Gary becomes concerned about hypoxia, and so, he puts an end to it.

Afterwards, Gary is anxious and uninterested. They decide to go on another short...