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A romantically challenged radio station employee sets out to disprove a guest who believes men need to act like jerks in order to attract women, only to realize that the guest is correct. The employee starts using the guest’s techniques to date the woman of his dreams but struggles to stop acting like a jerk to keep her interested in him.
A nice guy who can’t seem to find a relationship undergoes a seminar from which he emerges as an abrasive yet confident man whose rude behavior miraculously allows him to attract women. However, when he manages to start a relationship with a longtime crush, he struggles to go back to his nice guy persona.
Tired of being shunned by women because he’s a “nice guy,” an aspiring radio show host decides to start behaving like a jerk when he realizes that makes him more attractive.
Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Love, Relationship, Workplace
M Unspecified 25 Attractive
The Jerk Theory, What Women Want, Shallow Hal, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Bruce Almighty, Hitch, Don Jon
Present Day/ Several Weeks.
Locations are set in New York City and include various apartments, night clubs, and restaurants as well as a radio station, center, trinket shop, park, pub, and beach house.

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LEE (20s) is having no luck picking up girls at a club, despite being a nice guy. He surmises that only jerks are able to successfully flirt with women. Lee works at a radio station with his friend WILLIE (20s), and is constantly berated by popular radio host RON (50s). He also hasn’t been in a relationship ever since his ex-girlfriend SUSAN (?) left him for a man with six toes on one foot. Outside, Lee meets ASHLEY (20s), who he was friends with, and they slept together one night, but they never became a couple. Ashley wants to catch up at her trinket store, and Lee agrees.

Later, Ron interviews SPIRO (40s), a supposedly popular dating guru, and author of the book “The Way of the Jerk.” He advertises a seminar, which Lee and Willie decide to go to in order to see if he’s the real deal. They go to the seminar, where RABBI (?), NIEL (?), and JAKE (?) are attending as well. Spiro’s seminar is unimpressive. Lee can’t find any info on Spiro or his book online.

Lee and Willie go to Ashley’s store, where Willie meets co-worker SARAH (20s), whom he becomes smitten with. Lee asks Ashely...