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A teenager moves to California, where she struggles to fit in at her new school while she trains for a swimming competition that could grant her a spot in Olympic trials.
A teenage girl’s family life is upended when her mother moves her to a new state. While there, she’s bullied while attempting to hone her skills as a swimmer in preparation for an upcoming competition.
A young girl moves to California with her mother, where she tries out for a swimming competition against an elite team of swimmers, and is taught by a former swim prodigy, all while she navigates the trials of teenage life.
Drama, Sports, Teen, Competition, Daughter, Dysfunctional Family, Father/Daughter, Fish-Out-Of-Water, High School, Mother/Daughter
F Other 16 Attractive
Alex (1992), Swimming Upstream, Touch The Wall, The Karate Kid
Present / Several Weeks
Locations include a plane, apartment with pool, high school, swim center, beach, Santa Monica Pier, and mansion.

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While her father MARK (45) remains abroad, LILY (16) and her mother JANELLE (40s), move to Santa Monica, California. Lily, an avid swimmer, attempts to use the apartment complex’s pool only to realize the pool is filled with algae after she jumps in. A neighbor, ALEX (15), who loves to dive, helps her out of the water. As he tries to rinse the slime off her body, apartment manager, JOSH (50s), shoos them away. When Lily tries to use the shower, the water doesn’t work. Janelle tries to get Josh to help to no avail.

The next day, Lily is using a rideshare bike to get to school when CINDY (16) nearly hits her with her car. Cindy is apologetic, but her friends, especially RACHAEL (16), are unkind to Lily. At school, bullies make fun of Alex until BRADLEY (16) steps in to defend him. Soon after, Alex takes Lily to a swim center where Cindy, Rachael, and others are practicing. Lily wants to swim but has trouble doing so because of Cindy and Rachael’s coach. The next morning, Alex takes Lily to the beach to swim and surf. Lily nearly drowns until Josh saves her. Alex later tells Lily that...