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After relentless bullying by a disturbed boy who lives next door, an awkward teen girl’s mother is relieved when a court orders the boy to leave their suburban neighborhood. However, the vindictive boy uses his equally dysfunctional brother, who now lives next door to the girl, to lure her to the home where the boys abruptly murder her.
Based on a true story, a mother’s quest to protect her teenage daughter from being bullied by her deviant school senior results in disastrous consequences.
Faced with the rising threat of a psychotic young bully, a young girl and her family find themselves becoming more and more paranoid until a brutal murder occurs.
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Family, Courtroom, Criminal, Dark, High School, Murder, Siblings, Tragedy, True Story, Violence/Violent
M Unspecified 14 Average
Alpha Dog, Bully, Elephant, Prisoners, We Need To Talk About Kevin
Suburban New Jersey - homes, school, bridge, courthouse, funeral home

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DAVID PARKS (44) and LAURIE PARKS (44) find out that their daughter has been killed. Two years earlier, JENNIFER PARKS (14) hangs out with her best friend, BETH (14). A strange boy, JAMES ZARATE (13) watches her, while Laurie bickers with her mother, MILDRED (65). Laurie and Jenn spend time together, and see James again. Laurie tells David about her concerns for Jenn. Laurie and Jenn talk about Jenn's ADHD and her first day of junior high. Laurie buys Jenn a nice dress.

James harasses Jenn about her weight while she heads to school. Laurie sees this and angrily yells at James. James plays violent videogames and deals with his terrible home life. Laurie goes to the principal of the school, who refuses to do anything about James. James escalates his bullying. David talks to JUAN (40s), James's father. As a result, Juan violently abuses James.

The school starts taking away privileges from James, which only makes him angrier. James throws a brick through Laurie's car window and is caught. However, the charges are dropped. The court forces him to move away. Jenn makes friends with a new girl named ABBY (?). James goes to his mother's place, and meets with his...