• The Steel Lotus
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A young girl living with a suspiciously overprotective father comes to suspect that he may actually be a deranged murderer.
Thirteen years after an aunt failed at kidnapping his daughter, a pathologically overprotective father is so obsessed with the teenager’s safety that he kills people in risky situations made to look like accidents in order to prove to her that the world is full of danger. When the aunt reconnects with the girl and the police start investigating some of the questionable accidents, the man’s tenuous grip on his secrets and mental health becomes threatened.
After the untimely death of his wife, a grieving father tries to manipulate his daughter by killing people in ways that look like accidents so he can prove to her that the world isn’t safe. As a local detective investigates, his madness escalates as his daughter tries to learn more about her deceased mother.
Drama, Thriller, Dark, Daughter, Dysfunctional Family, Father/Daughter, Female Protagonist, Independent (avant-garde), Killer, Mental Illness, Murder, Parent, Rural, Suspenseful, Violence/Violent
F Unspecified 18 Average
Fargo, Psycho, Captain Fantastic, The Act
Present Day/ Roughly a Month.
Residential Homes. Mechanic Shop. Hardware Store. Police Stations. Roads.

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JENNIFER (4) is at the funeral reception for her mother. She witnesses her father HANK (30s) get into an argument with her aunt MARY (30s). Afterwards, Mary lures Jennifer away and attempts to abduct her. She is chased down by POLICE OFFICERS (?) and returned to her father. Years later, Jennifer is now a seventeen-year-old high school student. She is shy and introverted while at school. Back at home, her father Hank has become increasingly overprotective of her, warding her away from numerous activities due to his claims of them being too dangerous. Hank even discourages Jennifer from attending college. Jennifer suggests she could work in their mechanic shop. After some consideration, Hank agrees. Jennifer and Hank go for a hike on a local trail. Jennifer sees a family made up of JOHN (40s), his WIFE (30s) and his SON (10) and DAUGHTER (8). John is scaling the side of a cliff. Jennifer inquires about engaging in a similar activity. Hank claims it’s too dangerous. Then he falls into a trance, wanders away from Jennifer, and cuts John’s support rope, killing him. He then rejoins an unaware Jennifer on the trail. Elsewhere, Detective PRUITT (30s) is beginning her first day...