• Semiotics
  • Action Drama Scouted Available Unrepped
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A teenage graffiti artist in 1990s Baltimore tries to make a name for himself on the street but finds himself pulled into a world of drug dealing and gangs when he joins the crew of a fellow artist he admires.
A young aspiring graffiti artist is mentored by a gifted tagger. As the two become close, the young man learns that his mentor is a drug dealer who's gotten in over his head with his supplier.
A teenage boy follows his passion for graffiti art but finds his old relationships fracturing while also being drawn into a world of drug dealing and gang violence.
Action, Drama, Crime, Teen, Adolescence, Art, Cop, Cop/FBI/CIA, Criminal, Detective, Drugs, Gangs, Guns, Identity, Organized Crime, Police, Suspenseful, Troubled Youth, Violence/Violent
M Black 17 Average
Wild Style, Bomb the System, Twelve, Kids, Infamy, Dope
1999 / Over the course of a few months
100% in Baltimore: warehouse, alley, city streets, house, train yard, Johns Hopkins college party, subway station, construction site.

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In Baltimore, Maryland, during the year 1999, NOAH (17) spends his days pursuing his love of graffiti art by tagging various locations around his city. He does this with his best friend JAMES (17) and his younger cousin CHRIS (15). Noah’s passion for graffiti art rubs off on Chris. Noah explains that his goal is to make his art known and to have it featured in a graffiti art magazine. One day, while tagging cars in a train yard, Noah tells Chris how his father was once an engineer. A flashback shows a young NOAH (11) hesitating to warn others about a fast-approaching train engine. The engine winds up striking and killing his father LESTER (30’s). Then, Noah, James, and Chris happen upon a man named HECTOR (30’s), in the train yard. Hector introduces himself as a fellow graffiti artist and invites Noah and his friends to a writers' meeting under a bridge the following week. The boys attend a party and head to school the next day. On the way to school, Noah is harassed by a local drug dealer named MARCUS (20’s). While at school, Noah is once again harassed, this time by a bully named RICK (?)....