• The Reunion
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After the death of a friend, an Eastern European returns back to his home country to reunite his college band and win back the love of his life.
After returning to his home country to reunite with his former cover band members and track down the one who got away, a man is shocked to find that his former love is now with the man who tore them apart decades ago.
A Beatles fanatic who escaped his communist homeland in 1970 left behind his girlfriend, who remained stuck there by the manipulations of a romantic rival with official power. When the man finally returns, he hopes to see his long lost love by reuniting the college Beatles tribute band, but soon learns that she has married and had a child with the romantic rival.
Drama, Music, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Band, Concert, Feel Good/Uplifting, Foreign Locale, Love Triangle, Mid-life Crisis, Relationship, Rock 'n' Roll
M White 60 Average
Blues Brothers, Still Crazy, Across the Universe, Yesterday, Still Crazy, Blinded by the Light
Present Day/ Several Days.
Restaurants, office buildings, Eastern European city, canal, apartments, nice houses, Eastern European university, protest/rally flashbacks in Soviet times.

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WIDLOVSKY (60s) is getting up there in years and when he has to attend the funeral for his best friend DROOG (60s), Widlovsky's limited time on earth comes into sharp relief. At the funeral Widlovsky meets singer ABBY (30s). They bond over their shared love of the Beatles, but when he takes her back home, Widlovsky pulls back and reminisces about his past. Widlovsky grew up in Soviet-controlled Zlovia in the 60s and 70s. In college, he met fellow Beatles fan BEATA aka HER MAJESTY and started a romantic relationship with her. In addition, they also played in a protest band alongside Droog and several other university buddies. In the 70s, Droog, Her Majesty, and Widlovsky planned to leave Zlovia for the West but KZB officer and Her Majesty's admirer HARITONOV (20), denied Her Majesty's permission to leave the country until “the Beatles are reunited.” Her Majesty forced Widlovsky to leave without her, but he’s regretted that day ever since. In the morning, Widlovsky tries to commit suicide by jumping in the canal, and for a brief instant, he’s transported into a strange Beatles-ified version of Heaven and Hell, where he sees Droog. Abby rescues Widlovsky, and now clear-headed, Widlovsky...