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A hipster couple from Brooklyn decide to go offline and spend a week in a remote cabin, only to find their plans derailed by an alien attack.
When a young couple decides to retreat to a cabin and turn off their phones for a week, they have no idea that the world is about to end.
When a hipster couple heads upstate on a mission to unplug, their self-reflection is interrupted by an alien invasion.
A young Brooklyn couple go on an off-the-grid getaway to a remote cabin to reignite their tumultuous relationship where they encounter ominous alien creatures.
A couple who has been having difficulty maintaining their relationship decide to go to the woods to work out their issues. While there, however, they get caught in an alien invasion.
A hipster couple finds their cell phone retreat challenged both by their addiction to the Internet and an unexpected enemy.
When a millennial couple decides to take a week long retreat to a remote cabin, their relationship is tested by the absence of distractions, as well as an unexpected alien invasion.
When a millennial couple decides to reconnect by disconnecting from technology and spending time in a remote cabin, their retreat is disrupted by an alien invasion.
Comedy, Sci-fi, Thriller, Family, Romance, Alien, Apocalyptic, Baby, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Car, Dating, Death, Female Protagonist, Heartwarming, Internet, Love, Monster, Relationship, Sex, Social Commentary, Survival, Suspenseful, Technology, Vacation, Violence/Violent
F Unspecified 30 Attractive
"Shaun of the Dead," "Murder Mystery," "Critters," "Zombieland," "The World's End," "It's a Disaster" "Connected"
Summer 2019. Spans About a Week.
75% in a cabin and the surrounding woods near Pine Plains, New York. About 10% in an apartment and restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. About 15% in a country wood and surrounding forest. One scene in an unearthly orb.

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JACK (34) and SUE (30) are a millennial couple living in Brooklyn. They’re sitting together but not talking, each consumed by their technology. They have a meandering couple’s argument. When it is interrupted by a text, they are sucked back into their phones.

At a bar, Jack and Sue talk to RAPH (30s), a socially-conscious millennial hippie, who tells them about his projects and his cabin upstate. Jack and Sue discuss Raph’s tech-less lifestyle. They are inspired to be better people.

In the morning, Jack and Sue are back on the couch consumed by their phones. Sue realizes their obsession. They decide to go away for a week without technology. Sue copies down a self-help list she finds online called “How to Be a Better We.” They pack and drive out of Brooklyn.

They stop at a gas station and turn off their phones. A fleet of shiny orbs fly across the sky, but they don’t see it.

They arrive at the cabin. On a hike, Sue tells Jack about the self-help list. Jack makes fun of her. They hear gunshots and screaming but don’t think anything of it.

That night, they see shooting stars. The shooting stars don’t look like normal shooting stars, but...