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Market February 4, 2020    Sold February 13, 2020
Producer Simon Kinberg
Agent  (CAA)
Studio Netflix (Netflix purchased in six-figure deal.)
Production Genre Films
2-2020 - The package garnered multiple bids, with the deal, struck Friday night, almost hitting seven figures, a massive payday for the newbie writers.
Story details are being kept under wraps, but described as an original concept with franchise potential and centering on a strong female lead.
After being stranded on Mars for more than 60 years in a feudal society, a slave robot’s life is changed when she must protect an unexpected visitor that is a human astronaut.
A humanoid Valkyrie robot sent to Mars sixty years ago learns about humanity from a clever NASA engineer as they work to save the other human crew members by fighting off the authoritative Aesir robots who have unfairly been controlling the lives of the Valkyries.
Action, Sci-fi, Adventure, Apocalyptic, Battle, Betrayal, CGI, Contemplative, Death, Experiment, Female, Female Protagonist, Film, Foreign Locale, Franchise, Friends/Friendship, Futuristic, Heartwarming, High Concept, Identity, Mainstream (studio), Philosophical, Rescue, Robot, Space/Outer Space, Survival, Suspenseful, Technology, Violence/Violent
Ultra High
F Other 0 Fit
"Ex Machina," "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", "Ben-Hur", "Spartacus", "A Bug's Life", "The Martian"
Begins in a seeming present-day world. Then flashes forward sixty years to a futuristic Mars.
10% on Earth, primarily in an Amphitheater with a Backstage Area, but also featuring a lab, a launch site, and a home with large windows. 10% Aboard two space ships - the Frontier and the Endurance. Includes an Escape Pod. Primarily takes place on Mars, in a vast Desert, outside and inside the looming Wall (headquarters for antagonists) with dark hallways, a lab, and various other furturistic rooms, and in Six's Cave. Other Mars locations include underground tunnels, craters or crater edges, a Winding Canyon, and several cliffsides or hillsides.

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A humanoid robot named Valkyrie-Six (“Six”) and Aesir-Theta (“Theta”) are presented to a crowd as the robots who will travel to Mars and make it habitable for humankind. SAVERIN (20s), the creator, takes a picture with Six and gives it to her. She squeezes her shoulder. Motherly. Six feels a connection, but does not understand it. Just as the ship - Endurance - is about to launch, Six feels something similar to fear. 100 Valkyries and 12 Aesirs launch into the sky. Sixty years later. SIX (scuffed, faded) digs in an underground tunnel. She finally finds solid ice. With 6% power, she drags the ice right past a graveyard of broken and powered-down Valkyries. At the Wall, Six joins other valkyries in line. Trades her ice to the authoritative Aesir-Rho. Six returns to her cave, collecting scrap pieces along the way. She adds them to a sculpture. Holds her photo. She’s recreating Saverin. The next day, a Valkyrie steals her ice, desperate to survive. But it powers down.

Six receives less power than the previous day. Unfair. She’s furious, but is beaten down by THETA (strong, ruler). Valkyries cower at his presence. Theta delivers a speech. Humans are betrayers.

Six is punished....
Reader 1 Comments
After being stranded on Mars for more than 60 years in a feudal society, a slave robot’s life is changed when she must protect an unexpected visitor that is a human astronaut. The premise of “Endurance” is an entertaining story that follows a naïve robot’s growth into gaining sentience and humanity while becoming a symbol of rebellion. The story is expertly constructed and hits on all major storytelling beats. The strongest aspect of “Endurance” is its deep, complex characters especially its protagonist and antagonist. The external conflict is intense and awesome that benefits from a deep internal conflict that challenges the protagonist’s character development. Dialogue contains subtext while also displaying the protagonist’s innocence while the writing technique focuses heavily on stunning visuals. “Endurance” would make for a fantastic feature with franchise potential that explores the intricacies of class, society, evolution, and sentience....
Reader 2 Comments
Sixty years after the launch of adaptable and community-building robots onto Mars, the Aesir robots have complete control over the dying Valkyries and force them into inferiority while their authoritative ruler Theta convinces all robots that the humans betrayed their kind — well, all except the skeptical Valkyrie-Six (“Six”). When Theta puts out a persuasive bounty on the first human to land on Mars, Six hesitates before rescuing the NASA engineer and eventually helps her navigate the dangerous world of Mars in hopes of seeing her mother-like creator again. “Endurance” holds such strength in originality, that the premise is naturally exciting. Even though the main dramatic question is initially and seemingly ignored and could gain strength through further incorporating its importance into Six’s life and motivation, this does not slow down the pacing since there are numerous conflicts, goals, and tensions to keep the engine running. The structure is generally strong and provides a nice foundation for the growth of Six’s character arc, which also holds a certain power through the interwoven concepts of artificial intelligence and morality. The conflict is naturally embedded into the core concept, but also has several layers that create meaningful stakes and difficult decisions. Even though the craft could be rather distracting to the flow of the read, it still held a strong voice and its literary style provided imagination in description. Finally, the tone was incredibly successful in conveying its intended genres, and the dialogue was interesting in its creation of a new language that provided an undoubtable authenticity to its human and non-human characters....