• Echo Base
  • Mark Keavney
  • Action Scouted 2019 Available Top Thriller Unrepped
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In 2035, two military service members manning a nuclear missile launch station are ordered to drop a bomb on U.S. soil, but have reason to believe the order may have come from an attacking alien species.
Military personnel in charge of launching a nuclear warhead receive partial orders to bomb Iowa before their underground control room loses power and communication. As they struggle to decide whether the order is accurate, they begin to suspect a deadly and potentially alien force lurks aboveground.
In 2035, a group of military service members stationed underground and responsible for missile launches get orders to bomb eastern Iowa, but lose power and communication with command before they can confirm the order. Debate rages between them as clues increasingly point to an attacking alien force at work on the ground, though some of them insist there is evidence that some kind of conspiracy is in play.
In 2035, a military unit manning a nuclear missile launch station is ordered to drop a bomb on U.S. soil, but conditions outside force them to consider that it may have come from an attacking alien species. Soon the captain, her lieutenant, and the rest of the increasingly paranoid crew clash over what to believe, and whether or not to launch the missile.
Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller, Mystery, Alien, Betrayal, Ensemble Cast, Futuristic, Military, Secrets, Survival, Suspenseful
M Black 36 Attractive
Fail Safe, Crimson Tide, The Sum of All Fears, 10 Cloverfield Lane
2035 / About Two Days
100% Montana, USA including: underground launch control room with a nearby silo, security building, and military base as well as a bar, military housing, hospital, and forest.

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Captain SKYLAR REAGAN (29) and LIEUTENANT MALIK WHEELER (36) receive an order to launch a nuclear missile to destroy London. Reagan follows the order before learning from COLONEL KATHLEEN WOLFF (60s) that this was a test simulation. The next day, Reagan, Wheeler, LIEUTENANT SMITH (30s), and Airmen SHEPHERD (27), DIAZ (30s), and CHELSEA LIN (20) arrive for work. They receive a partial launch order with coordinates but no code. Before they can verify the order, they lose communications with their security building and the nearby military base. The crew are unsure if they should launch the warhead.

Lin goes to the surface to investigate. She finds dead soldiers in the security building. When she goes to the military base, a strange cloud notices the drones she uses and starts to follow them. Lin is forced to find a hiding spot.

Meanwhile, the crew in launch control watches the local news for information. Diaz concludes that aliens are behind the strange attack. Wheeler believes this is another simulation while Shepherd offers a religious explanation. Shepherd, determined to be with his daughter, demands to leave. He takes a gun and uses the elevator to go aboveground. When the elevator returns to the other crew...