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Market February 17, 2020
Manager Zach Cox (Circle of Confusion)
A closeted cop searches for a killer who has been targeting gay men and injecting them with a lethal virus during Grindr hookups.
A closest gay police officer investigates a series of mysterious deaths that turn out to be intentional murders of gay men on Grindr
A closeted gay police officer finally gets the chance to prove himself when he takes the case of a young, gay man’s unexpected death — a death which becomes the first of several mysterious killings that target the gay community.
After three gay men die from an unknown virus, a closeted police officer is tasked with hunting down their killer.
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Romance, Chase, Cop, Cop/FBI/CIA, Criminal, Dating, Death, Detective, Father/Son, Forensic, Illness, Investigation, Kidnap, Killer, LGBTQ, Love, Murder, Police, Secrets, Serial Killer, Workplace
M Unspecified 28 Attractive
"Sea of Love," "Free Fall," "Se7en", "Cruising", "Texas Killing Fields"
Begins March 2nd, 2018, spans over two or so weeks.
Fully takes place in Chicago, IL, highlighting Chicago areas such as Lake Michigan, Division Street, and the Lincoln Park Zoo. 10% shows the location of Jake’s two-story house with a large front yard, and also points to various trendy bars around Chicago. Roughly 30% occurs in the Police Station, in various locations such as the Communal Shower, Locker Room, Bullpen, Evidence Room, Hallway, Forensics Lab, Back Alley, and Captain’s Office. There are then four different motels/hotels, all with lobbies and security offices. The shorter appearances include various streets - one outside of a Church, several apartment complexes and AirBnB’s, a law firm office, the morgue’s exam room, the Soup Spot, one modest house, a parking structure, a house with a basement, a cemetery, and a hospital room.

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Three men, including AARON (20s), all begin coughing up blood and die over the course of one weekend. The next morning, JAKE MONKARSH (late-20s, intense stare but kind heart) jogs along Lake Michigan. He neatly throws on his field duty uniform. Three loud detectives point out their rank over him through jeers. In the bullpen, ARTHUR (50s, police Captain) distributes cases. One is the unexpected death of Aaron White. Officers snicker at the gay district where he died, but Jake raises his hand. Begins his investigation.

While examining Aaron’s body, Jake finds track marks on his elbow and an “81” tattoo on the shoulder. Jake travels to the forensics lab, where he greets BRENDAN (20s, smart but humble), who confirms that the track marks were used to inject some foreign and unknown virus that caused Aaron’s death. That night, Jake meets up with a hipster guy from Grindr, CHRIS (20s). As things start to heat up, Jake suddenly panics and hurries out. He sneaks into his house. Tries not to disturb his father, HENRY (50s). Feeling stupid, Jake tries to apologize to Chris over Grindr, but his conversation has disappeared. The next morning, Jake receives a list of names - other...
Reader 1 Comments
A closest gay police officer, Jake, has the opportunity to investigate a series of mysterious deaths that turn out to be intentional murders of gay men on Grindr. The characters, especially the protagonist Jake as well as his friend and coworker Brendon, are strong leads that complement each other well and help strive for the overall goal, which is to catch the killer. This leads to the conflict, which is made known within the opening scene when 3 men suddenly die. The conflict grows and escalates as Jake and Brandon learn more about the seriousness of the virus. Along with the strong conflict set up and characters, “Stuck” has good dialogue that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the characters, especially Jake, and also get into some real LGBTQ+ issues and concerns in the workplace and real life. Some of the logic could have been changed to strengthen the overall story like when dramatic scenes were shown of an unknown figure giving the tattoo or when a gloved man was on Grindr. Those scenes felt out of place and did not help film progress. Aside from that, “Stuck” portrays a really engaging and unique crime drama highlighting the gay community in a refreshing way....
Reader 2 Comments
Jake Monkarsh, a hardworking young police officer, volunteers to investigate the unwanted case of a gay man who unexpectedly dropped dead the previous evening - but the case becomes much more than a single death. As Jake solves the mystery of a serial killer targeting men in the gay community, he struggles with accepting his own sexuality and fears the response of his father and coworkers. “Stuck” is a structurally-strong narrative that often intertwines the internal and external conflicts of Jake Monkarsh, a character who oozes relatability through his struggle with vulnerability. These two conflicts provide plenty of obstacles and escalate with one another, which naturally embeds excitement into the pacing, as the main tensions are thematically based in keeping secrets and living in a world surrounded by life or death. The craft works to bring a strong voice that provides entertainment and clarity for the reader, while also enhancing the detective-mystery tone and creating authentic dialogue. It brings originality in the form of Jake’s internal struggle as a closeted gay police officer, and even though it does tend to follow the well-known detective moves and tropes (bringing a general sense of predictability to some outcomes), there is still a focus on keeping the execution fresh through plot turns and surprises which add to an already-excited pacing. Overall, “Stuck” is an entertaining read which keeps the mystery alive through a natural flow of information and also touches on important themes through an honorable and relatable character....
Reader 3 Comments
A closeted police officer is tasked with hunting down a serial killer targeting the gay community. It’s well-written, with relatable and realistic characters, and enough conflict to drive the narrative. The problems come down to whether or not this story will be accepted as one that promotes being part of the LGBTQ+ community, rather than one that punishes it. The protagonist is gay himself, and is an accurate representation of a closeted man, however, he’s a police officer, and at this point in time, people may not want to sympathize with him. Along with that, the serial killer kills people just for being gay, which definitely isn’t supported or encouraged, but is probably not what the LGBTQ+ community meant when they said they wanted more representation in the media....