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In 1942, disgraced pilot Jay Zeamer is transferred to the 43rd Bomb Group, where he struggles to reclaim his right to fly and defeat the Japanese in World War II by secretly putting together a group of soldiers for a dangerous reconnaissance mission.
In 1942, disgraced pilot Jay Zeamer is transferred to the 43rd Bomb Group, where he struggles to reclaim his right to fly and defeat the Japanese in World War II by secretly putting together a group of soldiers for a dangerous reconnaissance mission.
Despite directly contradicting orders, a spirited Air Force pilot stationed in the Pacific in WWII impresses his superiors with his resourceful and unlikely ideas, eventually getting the chance to assemble a crew of like-minded airmen to fly risky missions to surprise and undermine an enemy stronghold near Australia.
In 1942, young rule-breaking Air Force pilot Jay Zeamer is stationed in the Pacific when he takes on a secret project in attempting to rebuild a trashed B-17 bomber and fly his own mission against the Japanese. After his superiors discover his plan, they deem him capable of the dangerous task, and allow him to round up a crew that supports his increasingly high-stakes flights into enemy territory.
Action, Drama, Historical, Biopic, Period, War, Airplane, Ensemble Cast, Feel Good/Uplifting, Film, Hero, Military, True Story, WWII
M Unspecified 24 Attractive
Pearl Harbor, Against the Sun, Fly Boys, Red Tails, The Pacific (TV), Flags of Our Fathers, Red Barron
Locations include: various warplanes (including the B-26 and Fortress), airspace above New Guinea, Australian airstrip, tent, service road, boneyard, jeep, office, port, intelligence hut, hotel in Rabaul, New Britain Island, dive bar, Japanese destroyer, crash site, mess hall, revetment, greenhouse, bungalow, jungle village, banquet hall, army field hospital, and stockade cell.

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In 1942, pilot JAY ZEAMER (24) defies orders in hopes of protecting a fellow Allied plane against the Japanese. When Zeamer returns to base, he is transferred to the 43rd Bomb Group for clerical work as punishment. He immediately butts heads with LIEUTENANT COLONEL WEXFORD (50s), who prevents Zeamer from flying.

Meanwhile, in a hotel in Rabaul, HYUN LEE (20s), a Korean comfort woman spies on a nearby POW camp from her hotel room. She transmits information to Allied forces before having sex with Japanese imperial navy fighter pilot ENSIGN YOSHIO OKI (26). Back on the 43rd Bomb Group’s base, photographer SERGEANT “KODAK” KENDRICK (22) brings back reconnaissance pictures of Rabaul that are hard to make out due to cloud coverage blurring the photo. When Wexford and Zeamer meet with LIEUTENANT GENERAL GEORGE CHURCHILL KENNEY (53), Zeamer suggests flying below the clouds for better pictures. His idea is rejected. That night, though, Zeamer and his friend, CAPTAIN MCCULLAR (25), secretly fly a Fortress to Rabaul. They bomb a Japanese destroyer before returning home.

Zeamer is reprimanded. Wexford demands McCullar return to Rabaul, but he has a plane accident and dies before he can. Zeamer then finds an out-of-service Fortress in the “boneyard”...
Reader 1 Comments
“Gunship” centers on a rule-breaking pilot who secretly puts together a group of soldiers to undertake a reconnaissance mission while he is grounded from flying. This premise offers a rich foundation for tension to build over time. Within the plot, scenes contain a mix of dialogue and action description to maximize suspense in scenes. Dialogue is true to life, and the action description is evocative. Characters and their relationships evolve realistically as events progress, and they face numerous layers of conflict that escalate. Although some developments could be depicted further, the plot is a cohesive whole with a consistent tone....
Reader 2 Comments
This traditional military action drama about a rebellious US Air Force pilot and his brave efforts in the Pacific during WWII has a brisk pace, a good eye for accurate detail, and a suitable tone that delivers on expectations for action. A victorious ending is satisfying, but without an accompanying character arc that forces the protagonist to change at least some of his initial traits or beliefs, the narrative remains somewhat deficient. Part of this might be due to the consistent validation of his risky actions by his superiors, despite their initial shock at his defiance. Overall, the narrative serves as an exciting account of heroism but remains somewhat old fashioned without a more flawed character who is forced to experience more complex and convincing internal conflict....
Reader 3 Comments
“Gunship” is a military-themed period action film chronicling the efforts of a young WWII pilot who gathered a rogue crew and flew dangerous missions that ultimately undermined the Japanese military’s position in the Pacific. A largely traditional take on the exploits of a young, bold American pilot during WWII makes for an engaging, serviceable drama, but one whose central character is offered only action and personality, but no recognizable arc. The narrative’s structure, pacing, and tone wholly support its action, while a strong sense of authenticity gives the viewer an immersive experience that’s educational without being overwhelming. While “Gunship” is well on its way to being a worthy genre piece, more attention to its protagonist, as well as a unique subplot with compelling implications, might make it memorable for something other than its impressively staged action....