• Slave of the Huns
  • Thilo Brauer
  • Action Drama Scouted Available Unrepped
  • 79.9
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An eighteen-year-old Roman slave is taken prisoner by the Huns and put in a unit that serves as arrow fodder for their upcoming invasion of Rome. In his quest for survival, he shares insider tactical knowledge with Attila, but when the infamous king is assassinated by a Roman, all bets are off
A young Roman man is kidnapped by the Huns. In order to survive, he shares tactical knowledge with them, thereby strengthening their forces, but once on their side, he struggles with the turmoil of assisting his sworn enemies.
A young boy sold into slavery and raised to be an intelligent young man is taken prisoner by Attila the Hun. When the man decides to help Attila with his war effort in hopeful exchange for his freedom, he unknowingly becomes a target by his former kingdom, who plans on having him assassinated before he's able to lead Attila back home for conquest.
A young Roman is captured and enslaved by the Huns as they attempt to take over 5th-Century Rome. Desperate to gain his freedom and return home to his foster father, he agrees to help the Hun’s king with battle strategies.
Action, Drama, Historical, Adaptation, Adventure, Period, Battle, Betrayal, Culture, Epic, Film, Foreign Locale, Gory, Hostage, Kidnap, Mainstream (studio), Outsider, Revenge, Survival, Violence/Violent
M Unspecified 18 Average
Gladiator, Attila (Miniseries), Centurion, Attila (1954), Seven Slaves Against Rome, Braveheart, Pompeii, Ben-Hur
5th Century / Roughly a year, with sequences detailing backstory taking place 6 years ago.
Ancient Europe: villages, cottages, roads, Constantinople, slave market, palaces, tent city, training grounds, mansions, fields, forests.

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An army of Huns raids a small village, which contains a family consisting of ZETA (12), his sisters, mother, and father. Zeta’s mother is killed by BOTAR (early 30s). Later, COLLECTORS come to the farm for money. Zeta is forced into slavery after his FATHER (mid 30s) is light on money to give. Zeta is sold to MAXIMINOS (late 30s), who gives him to his son KYLON (12) as a plaything to abuse. Later, PRISCUS (?) sees Zeta's condition and convinces Maximinos to sell him.

Priscus takes care of Zeta, giving him food, lodgings, and proper education. Six years later, Zeta has become a highly intelligent young man who helps Priscus create blueprints for palaces and structures, along with gaining knowledge on battle strategies. The two are sent on an imperial mission, which is also party to Maximinos and an older Kylon (now 18). They visit the infamous Hun ATTILA (52) for a potential peace treaty.

The group reaches Attila and things seem to be amicable until Attila discovers gold hidden in the party’s sacks. Maximinos points at Priscus to explain but when he fails to give a proper answer, Attila has Botar kill him, much to Zeta’s horror. Maximinos then blames...
Reader 1 Comments
A young Roman man with a hatred for the invading Huns is enslaved by them and forced to use his knowledge of engineering and warfare to aid his enemy, thereby ensuring his own survival. The premise is exciting. It speaks of a strong sense of tone in the form of the historical genre elements and multiple layers of conflict can be gleaned from the logline alone. Structurally, “Slave of the Huns” is in fine shape, with a clear progression of its story throughout. While there is a high page count, the story moves along at a brisk pace due to the varied dangers and rising action that the protagonist is caught up in. The conflicts are also well-executed. They stretch into both the external and the internal, and while there are many angles to the conflicts, they are interconnected and as a result, the plot is satisfyingly cohesive. Character work is also accomplished in terms of the revenge-oriented story of the protagonist and his eventual awakening to the evils on both sides of the war that he is involved with. Dialogue is a strong point, with the characters feeling defined, vivid, and engaging. However, there are some craft-related issues worth ironing out so as to ensure that “Slave of the Huns” will be perceived as though it is in a final draft state of quality....
Reader 2 Comments
Centered on a young man becoming an invaluable asset to Attila the Hun’s army, “Slave Of The Huns” is an entertaining and well-written adventure with a good cast of characters, fast pacing, and a great sense of tone and originality as it plays with historical fact. Areas of improvement are relatively minor, as a prominent side character feels undercooked in a couple of aspects and there are some craft notes that are easily correctable. As a whole “Slave Of The Huns” is a fittingly large-scale entry into the genre....
Reader 3 Comments
“Slave of the Huns” is a historical epic about a Roman who is captured and enslaved by the invading Hun army. The premise sets up a clear goal for the protagonist with high stakes. The narrative structure allows for a complete story to be told. There are plenty of external obstacles and the protagonist is proactive and resolves the main conflict. However, the protagonist could use more of a flaw that not only strengthens his arc but also makes internal conflict more engaging. There are some pacing issues as well. The writing is mostly on par with industry standards....