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Market December 16, 2019
Agent Lindsey Aubin, Simon Faber, Meyash Prabhu (WME)
Production Khalabu Ink Society
The unbelievable true story of the creation of the worlds first, longest running, and most notorious reality show“COPS.” Based on “How ‘Cops’ Got Made — And What It Says About America” by Tim Stelloh.
An up and coming television producer is passionate and determined to get a reality television show made about US law enforcement. He battles through ideals that conflict with his own, but about 25 years later, when the show is established and well syndicated, many who call for social change try to tear his empire to the ground.
Labeled as the one of Hollywood’s oldest showrunners, John Langley battles with ethical controversies and political tension while the filming and airing reality show, COPS.
COPS creator and showrunner John Langley faces highs and lows as he tries to market the show to studios and navigate the backlash that arises from the series’ controversial portrayals.
Action, Drama, Adaptation, Biopic, Crime, Documentary, Addiction, Cop, Corruption, Criminal, Dark, Drugs, Father/Son, Filmmaker/Filmmaking, Guns, Media, Movie Business, Police, Racially Based, Television, True Story, Urban, Violence/Violent, Work Related
M White 45 Average
Black and Blue, L.A. Confidential, Bombshell, The Big Short, The Dirties, Get Shorty, Nightcrawler, COPS, The Wire, Entourage (film)
Consistent Time Jumps Between the 1980s (covering the span of several years) and 2013 (covering the span of about a year)
Inside a cop car, a police department, and a coroner's lab. Several old and rundown houses and poorer neighborhoods in Broward County, Florida. A sports bar, a television executive's office building, an upscale restaurant, and a standard two story home in Los Angeles. Several urban and suburban streets in various parts of the country.

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A group of police officers and a camera crew led by producer JOHN LANGLEY (40s) are all crammed together in a car, speeding towards a suspected drug den in order to get there in time for the show broadcast. When they arrive, they immediately bust down the door and either shoot or capture everyone inside, finding a large stash of what appears to be cocaine inside. In order to create a strong conclusion to the show, the police chief, NICK NAVARRO (50s) burns a bag of cocaine on camera, even though he’s supposed to test it first. When later watching the broadcast, hosted by GERALDO RIVERA (ADULT), John is frustrated by the good vs. bad perspective Geraldo lends to the program.

A time jump to 2013 reveals John as the weary showrunner for COPS. He insists that his son, MORGAN (40s), should not be given responsibility at the show, and that Morgan needs to work his way up the ranks himself. An executive at FOX, the network that houses COPS, tries to get John to ease back on footage of cops targeting and harassing Black men, but John refuses to do so, believing his show is exposing this behavior. The executive...