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Market December 16, 2019    Sold December 16, 2019
Agent David Boxerbaum, Michael Chung, Nicky Mohebbi (Verve Talent and Literary Agency)
Manager Jake Wagner (Alibi)
Production Good Deed Entertainment
A woman with a troubled past invites her teen niece to live with her in the family’s farm house, but the twobecome tormented by a creature that can take away their pain for a price.
After agreeing to take care of her dying cousin's daughter, a woman takes the child to move into their ancestral farmhouse where they face a string of supernatural events, forcing them to learn about the house's bloody past.
With her mom dying of cancer, a young girl and her aunt spend the summer in their family’s ancestral farmhouse. Unnatural events begin to terrorize the two when a deal is struck.
After agreeing to care for her dying cousin’s adolescent daughter in their longtime family house, a woman must survive the house’s treacherous secrets.
Drama, Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Nature, Supernatural, Betrayal, Dark, Demons, Female Protagonist, Gory, Mother/Daughter, Psychodrama, Psychological Thriller, Rescue, Rural, Secrets, Survival, Suspenseful, Violence/Violent
F Unspecified 40 Average
"The Lodge," "Needful Things," "Sinister," "The Conjuring," "The Babadook"
Present, spans about a week. One scene in 1917.
80% in a farmhouse and the surrounding woods, which include a large dark tree and a cemetery. Additional locations include another house, a hospital, a car, and a country store.

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In 1917 a YOUNG MAN returns home from hunting only to find his entire family slaughtered, blood everywhere in the house and a towering tree on the edge of the property.

In the present, cancer patient AMY SUTTON (mid 40s) and her husband JASON SUTTON (40s) tell their daughter ZOEY SUTTON (11) that she has to stay with her aunt JULIA MITCHELL (40) for the summer. Zoey throws a tantrum but Amy embraces her and whispers something in her ear before she, her dog Chito and Julia leave.

During the car ride Zoey expresses her suspicions since Amy never mentioned Julia or the farmhouse before. Julia explains how she’s Amy’s cousin but that they saw each other as sisters and how she lived with her grandparents in the farmhouse before they died and that she just recently moved herself in a month ago.

Tensions build between the two as Julia fails at small talk and Zoey shows no interest in making her new living situation work. Zoey explores the farmhouse grounds including the room her mother used to stay in, the nearby family cemetery where she learns from Julia of the massacre of their ancestors, and the worn down treehouse on the edge...