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Market December 16, 2019
Agent Ryan Abboushi (both) (Creative Artists Agency)
Manager Will Douglas (Vlamis), Faisal Kanaan (Vlamis) (Grandview ), Bash Naran (Anderson) (Writ Large)
After his first album topped the Billboard Charts, life was never the same for Malcolm McCormick aka MacMiller. This is his story of music, love, success, family, and addiction. Based on the forthcoming manuscriptUNT. MAC MILLER BIOGRAPHY written by Paul Cantor for Abrams Press.
The true story of Mac Miller's rise to fame shows how his determination leads him to a path of success, but one that is not void of its struggles.
A young aspiring rapper works hard and well to try to become not only the best rapper he can be, but the best of all time. However, his battle with addiction hurts not only himself, but his relationships, and possibly his chances to become the greatest.
The chronicles of Mac Miller's heartwarming rise to fame and his equally heartbreaking descent with his battle with addiction.
Drama, Adaptation, Biopic, Romance, Addiction, Alcohol, Alcoholism, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Celebrity, Concert, Dating, Drugs, Fame, Friends/Friendship, Illness, Inspirational, Journey, Mother, Parent, Performance, Performer, Relationship, Sex, Singer, Slice of Life, Tragedy, Troubled Youth, True Story
M White 26 Attractive
Ray, Cadellic records, Bohemian Rapsody, Entourage
Over the span of nine years (2009-2018)
Several locations throughout Philadelphia including Blue Slide Park, corner store, school, (2) houses, studio, woods, PNC park, college campus, tour bus (80%) Several locations throughout Los Angles, Studio City mansion (Mac Miller's Home), Holywood Hills Mansion (Mac Miller's 1st home), Ariana Grande's house, police station, Malibu house, Rocco's Tavern, Leo's Taco truck, Rick Ruban's house, restaurant.

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MAC MILLER (YOUNG) passes out his latest mixtape with friends TREEJAY(17), REGGIE (17), JIMMY (18) in front of their local corner store. A group of black guys come by and diss Miller's record. Miller takes it to heart and promises the next one will be better. The boys attend a house party. Mac meets NOMI (17) following his rap battle victory against bully, BRAYLEN (17). The two hit off and Mac lands a kiss on Nomi before fleeing into the woods from the cops. The boys try to buy studio time from BIG GERM (23). Q (18) negotiates for Miller to use the studio. Miller lays down a track and attracts the attention of BENJY (31), Wiz Khalifa's manager. Benjy offers Mac a contract and sends him on a college tour. Mac Miller performs at multiple campuses with his friends by his side. He is offered cocaine at a frat house and denies it initially but the next morning before a show he snorts two lines before performing for a large college crowd. Mac achieves more success and buys a house in Los Angeles complete with a pool in the front yard that he always dreamed of. NOMI (17) and...
Reader 1 Comments
When a young rapper rises to fame, his determination to be the best proves to be detrimental to his personal life. The linear and causal structure is effective as it shows Mac’s road to fame and eventual addiction. The dialogue and craft allows Mac’s voice to shine through in a funny and inspiring way. His conflicts are strong as they surround his battle with addiction and how this affects his career and personal life much differently. The coming-of-age tone makes Mac and his story easy to align with as his connection to his family and home is strongly demonstrated through set pieces. It is easy to tell that the work was done to make this character as close to the real Mac as possible, and his life story is told in an equally heartbreaking and endearing way....
Reader 2 Comments
“Blue Slide Park” is a biographical musical drama about the late hip-hop superstar Mac Miller, his meteoric rise to stardom and his battle with drug, work and alcohol addiction. The premise is quite strong, but not too original from that of other films about musical artists who battle with addiction. However, the life that Mac lived is very different from those other artists who have had films made about them, adding some originality to the execution of the premise. There are not many weak points to the project at all, rather sections that did not stand out as much as others. Those points being dialogue and pacing, as the project does not take many risks or do anything to write home about in relation to these two sections. However, when looking at character and dialogue, it is very impressive how well that real life figures like Ariana Grande and Rick Rubin were portrayed to near perfection. On top of that, each character is very strong and does great work in fulfilling their specific purposes. The project as a whole is written very well with a strong tone and voice that is present from beginning to end. The most impressive work is seen in the conflict, as Mac’s strong internal conflict is well thought out and drives the plot and each decision that Mac makes. Along with that, the structure is nearly perfect, as each beat is hit at the ideal time and the most crucial structural beats are connected by the themes of the project, some of those being addiction and success. One cautionary point about the project is that it might be too soon to produce and release a film about Mac’s life, as for many, the wounds of his passing are still fresh. Regardless, the project is still very strong and this is a story that needs to be heard eventually....
Reader 3 Comments
The equally heartwarming and heartbreaking story of Mac Miller’s rise to fame has a strong gravitational pull with its next for exploring the vulnerability of the world. The characters are what “Blue Slide Park” comes to life. It is their genuine and authentic relationships that establish the world. The conflict is heartbreaking to endure as a beloved musician with a big heart succumbs to his own demons. The tone is consistent throughout and cements the world in this in-between of state of highs and lows that further showcase the emotional takeaways....