• The Perdition in Liege
  • Henry Dunham
  • Black List Hit List Set Up 2019 Thriller
  • 84.5
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Market December 16, 2019    Sold December 16, 2019
Agent Emerson Davis, Charles Ferraro, Mikey Schwartz-Wright (United Talent Agency)
Manager Ryan Cunningham (Anonymous Content)
Financier Film Nation
Production Thunder Road Productions
A prisoner of war in a Belgian POW camp undergoing abandonment survives an execution firing squad bychance and escapes by hiding among the dead. After removing his fallen compatriot’s dog tags to get homeand give their families solace, he attempts the fifty-mile journey south toward the allied stronghold, through thedeadly war-torn landscape, and before a hell-bent SS officer on his tail catches up to him.
After taking the dog tags of his executed comrades, the sole survivor of a POW camp treks to Allied territory but must evade the pursuit of a bloodthirsty Nazi so that he, as well as the dog tags, can make it back home
A young American soldier during WW2 who is trying to get back home to the United States to return his fellow fallen soldiers tags, while at the same time being murderously pursued by a leading German official.
An American POW survives a firing squad and intends to return his comrades' dog tags back to the Allied armies. As he is on this journey through the Belgian countryside, he is followed by a determined Nazi captain who intends to kill the survivor.
Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Period, War, Dark, Death, Escape, Gory, Guns, Man vs Nature, Military, Nazi, Soldier, Survival, Violence/Violent, WWII
M White 28 Fit
Inglorious Basterds, Dunkirk, Unbroken, The Revenant, 1917, Saving Private Ryan
1944, Three days
80% of the film takes place in the woods of WWII Belgium. Another key location is a farm and a farmhouse that is eventually burned to the ground. Brief moments include a frozen lake, Belgian towns, prison train, and a POW camp.

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ALFRED (28) wakes from the mass grave in which a firing squad killed his troop in the POW camp at Liege.

A German legion approaches the ruins of the bombed and deserted POW camp, and Alfred decides to take as many dog tags from the fallen soldiers as possible before fleeing the grounds.

German captain, OTTO (35) follows the exact trail that Alfred took when he rose from the grave and walked around the camp to get clothes and food. Otto decides to follow the trail Aflred left leading away from the camp.

Alfred realizes that he is hiding from Otto on a frozen lake and uses his rifle to break through the surface to swim and escape before Otto can shoot him down.

LOUISE (35), a farm owner, lets Alfred come inside of her house while holding him at gunpoint so that he can warm up and have some shelter.

Alfred and Louise get to know each other and Alfred vocalizes his intent to return the dog tags to the Allied army.

Otto arrives at the farm and rains hell on Louise’s house, shooting through all the windows and eventually setting the house into flames. Louise is killed by Otto through all of the artillery...
Reader 1 Comments
OVERALL (Strong Recommend)
“Perdition in Liege” is a dramatic, thrilling, and powerful narrative about Alfred Bergen—the sole survivor of a prisoner of war camp who takes the dog tags of his fallen comrades and ventures back to Allied territory in order to bring them back where they belong—home. On this journey, Alfred becomes hunted by a relentless Nazi who is determined to kill his prey. The premise is unique and engaging, and its themes provide commentary on the horrors of punishment, the power of memory, and the erasure of identity during a time where humanity was at its worst. Conflict and tension are constantly built into the premise as the terror of war leaps off the page. Although the structure is simple without any subplots and although the dialogue is mostly absent, each scene is meaningful and each conversation is authentic. In addition, the small cast of colorful characters allows for each to develop, change, and act. Finally, “Perdition in Liege” is a visual splendor with cues, character actions, and vivid descriptions enriching and driving the narrative. In essence, “Perdition in Liege” is unforgettable, and it deserves to be displayed for the sake of tribute, recognition, and art....
Reader 2 Comments
“The Perdition in Liege” follows a young American soldier during WW2 who is trying to get back home to the United States to return his fellow fallen soldiers tags, while at the same time being murderously pursued by a leading German official. With tension and conflict already integrated into the driving concept, this is a pitch-ready idea. All of the main beats for the protagonist, Alfred, were fulfilled and the supporting characters greatly added to his journey and the overall storyline. Though the lack of dialogue created a lagging feeling initially, the focus on action created even more interesting character dynamics that focused on both what they were saying and the actions alongside those words. The main external and internal conflicts are connected in that they are both equally as pressing problems in Alfred’s life, and the internal conflict is what puts him constantly at risk of the wrath of the external conflict in numerous scenes. This linear three-act structure with frequent flashbacks to moments where Alfred’s fellow soldiers are alive is suitable for this storyline as there’s clarity on the importance of Alfred’s goal and information on how it became his goal through his relationships. With the combination of an engaging minimalist style and exciting visuals, there is a strong voice that portrays a well-done story....
Reader 3 Comments
“The Perdition in Liege” is about an American POW named Alfred who survived a firing squad in his POW camp in Liege. He takes the dogtags of his fallen partners and intends to deliver them back to the allies, but he is pursued by a Nazi captain named Otto. Overall, there is not much wrong with the conflict and tone of the film, as there is a strong sense of external and internal conflict that drives the story, and the morbid tone of the film is strong and very well developed. There are very few characters and there is not much dialogue, but the action lines are written strong enough to where one can be captivated with Alfred and his adventure. It is structured well and has its fair share of good surprises that help drive Alfred and the story’s conflict. There are a few questionable events in which Alfred gets far too lucky, and a few points that are weak in structure. One of these moments is where Alfred is killed by Otto, as this moment is not shown to the audience. There are not many of these questionable logical events, but when they happen it is difficult to overlook. However, there are more things going right for the draft than there is going wrong for it, and is clear that this is one of the final drafts....