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Market December 16, 2019    Sold December 16, 2019
Financier Film Nation
12-2019 - This is not a spec. Per Deadline, FilmNation acquired the rights to the book and hired Sherman and Desmond to adapt in April 2018.
A gay couple and their adopted daughter have their cabin invaded by four strangers who take the familycaptive and tell them that, to prevent the upcoming apocalypse, one of them must be killed by the others.
A family detained by a murderous group must choose which one of them will be the human sacrifice that prevents the end of the world and the death of millions.
A group of people with weapons break into a gay couples cabin in the woods to tell them an apocalypse is coming and the only way to stop it is by sacrificing one of themselves before midnight.
When a group of strangers enter a couple’s lakehouse with claims of an impending apocalypse, the couple is forced to choose a human sacrifice to prevent it.
Action, Thriller, Adaptation, Apocalyptic, Daughter, Death, Disaster, Environment, Escape, Father, Father/Daughter, Guns, High Concept, Hostage, LGBTQ, Murder, Parent
M White 34 Average
2012, Ready or Not, Funny Games
80% - 1 Day (Present), 1 day - 1 week ago, 1 day - 8 years ago, 1 day - 5 days ago
Cabin, Catholic church, school, garage, backyard, basement, bedroom, truck, woods,

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WEN (8), with a childish curiosity, catches grasshoppers outside when she's approached by a stranger, LEONARD (30s), neat and friendly, Leonard is joined by his associates SABRINA (20s), Adriane (30s) and REDMOND (40s) all brandishing horrific weapons. Wen retreats inside to the safety of her two fathers ERIC (30s) and ANDREW (30s). Eric and Andrew survey the scene and deny entry to the unwanted guests. Leonard demands entrance into the house and says that they will enter by any means necessary. Eric opens a window as an attempt to trick them and ushers Andrew and Wen into the basement. Leonard discovers them and after a brief struggle, the family finds themselves seated at the dinner table. Switch to Eric's perspective. Two days earlier Eric attends mass and takes off his wedding room before entering. Present. Leonard explains to them that the family must decide who they will sacrifice in order to save the world and millions of lives. A back and forth ensues about the validity of this ritual and Leonard informs them that if the ritual isn't fulfilled, the sky will fall, disease will spread and darkness will consume the earth. Andrew smashes a glass against Redmond's head. Andrew...