• Say Something Nice
  • Erin Rodman
  • Black List Comedy Hit List Set Up 2019
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Market December 16, 2019    Sold December 16, 2019
Manager Sydney Blanke (Fourth Wall Management)
Production Stampede Ventures
After she catches her boyfriend cheating, Liv goes on a social media tirade that lands her in court for slander,and the judge forces her to make amends by composing one positive comment for every negative commentshe posted, while under the supervision of a reclusive mediator also on the rebound from a failed relationship. Inspired by true events.
A spiteful ex lands herself in hot water when she harasses her ex on social media and finds herself court-ordered to say one hundred nice things about the man she presently hates.
Party planner and businesswoman lands herself in court when she drunkenly slanders her cheating boyfriend. Broken-hearted and frustrated, she must fulfill unique consequences that ultimately debilitate her ego and pride in the process.
Comedy, Black Comedy, Romance, Alcohol, Betrayal, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Business, Celebrity, Courtroom, Criminal, Divorce, Female, Female Protagonist, Love Triangle, Media, Technology, Wedding
F White 30 Attractive
What Men Want, A Walk on the Moon, The First Wives Club, My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
two weeks
Courtroom, Sonic Drive In, 3 Houses, Mercedes Passenger Van, Casino, Bar, Las Vegas Strip, Beauty and Essex, Johnston's J-bar-b stables, The Aria, Jewel Nightclub, Magic Mike Live Theater, Frank Tiki Room, Public Library, The Patio Desserts and Drinks, Caesar's Palace Casino, Casino Boutique, Office, Costco, Crystals City Center, Louis Vuitton, AKHOB, Break Shit Break Room, Planet Hollywood, Peppermill Restaurant, Neon Boneyard,

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LIV (30) dressed to a T, leads several groups of bachelorettes around Las Vegas in a Mercedes passenger van driven by long time employee PAULA (50s) for their bachelorette parties. They receive VIP treatment at every stop with the assistance of GABRIEL (20s gay and fun), Liv's loyal employee. Gabriel proposes a new business plan to Liv but she quickly shoots down his idea. Liv tries to get a car hop's attention with no success. LUCAS (30s) brings Liv her order. Liv returns home for the night and amps her sex appeal before ascending upstairs to surprise her waiting boyfriend. To her surprise, she catches AUSTIN (32), in bed with another woman SHINEE (26). DAISY (30) and FELIX (30) comfort Liv after her breakup with Austin. Liv with liquid courage goes on a social media rampage slandering Austin. While working a bachelorette party she is served a court summons. Liv loses her case against Austin. JUDGE STONE (50s) sentencing Liv to refrain from social media, attend anger management, and write one hundred nice things about Austin to correct the one hundred bad things she said. Liv pleads with the judge but the only alternative is to pay a $100,000 fine....