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Market December 16, 2019    Sold December 16, 2019
Producer David Carrico, Bobby Hoppey, Adam Paulsen
Manager Amar Hansen, Jacob Perlin, Charlie Scully (Anonymous Content)
Production Valparaiso Pictures
A stoner comedy about one family trying to save Christmas from itself after Santa eats the wrong batch ofcookies.
When Santa accidentally breaks into their house and gets stoned on holiday pot cookies, a couple must figure out how to save Christmas for the rest of the world, while also being very high.
After accidentally feeding Santa Clause pot cookies, a suburban couple must help him save Christmas.
Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Black Comedy, Holiday, Drugs, Dysfunctional Family, Husband/Wife, Parenthood
F Unspecified 43 Average
The Santa Claus, Bad Santa, The Tooth Fairy
Modern day. Takes place over one night. A few scenes at the end show a year later.
Suburban neighborhood, airport, Santa's Workshop, Miami (beach, nightclub, mansion), Egypt, Buenos Aires, New Zealand, church, Grand Canyon

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The MERCERS, a wealthy suburban family, prepare their house on Christmas Eve. The family includes the parents TOM (40s), former wild guy, and LEAH (40s), uptight, and their kids HARPER (17), hippie-to-be, and LILY (7), mean-girl-to-be. The family takes a Christmas picture and exchanges presents. Lily gets a cat she names SKITTLES. Leah gets a phone call from her sister SASHA (35), current hippie.

Leah picks Sasha up from the airport. On their way home, Leah lays some ground rules: no strange men, no drugs, etc. They get home and Sasha gives the girls their Christmas presents.

Later, while Leah and Tom are in the other room, Sasha laces cookies with THC. She gives the parents the cookies and goes out for a drink. Leah and Tom fall asleep and are awakened by a crash in the kitchen. They investigate and find…

SANTA? Thinking he’s an intruder, Leah knocks him out. Tom and Leah realize that Sasha must have laced their cookies because they are high. Santa wakes up and Leah wants to call the cops, but Tom thinks this guy might really be Santa. Lily walks in and Santa uses a candy cane to wipe her memory. They realize this really is...
Reader 1 Comments
When Santa accidentally gets high by eating pot cookies, Leah and Tom, who are also high, need to figure out a way to save Christmas and deliver the rest of the toys to kids across the world. The premise of “High on Christmas” is hilarious and sets up a very strong pitch for a holiday comedy. The characters are funny and relatable as they head down this wild journey, while being stoned the whole time. The dialogue was pretty funny especially for Santa, but could have played more into the overall weed theme. The main external conflict was a strong basis for the overall concept, but the additional conflict of being chased by the elves was a little confusing. That being said, there was no dull moment in “High on Christmas” as it was a super ridiculous and funny holiday movie that could become another adult favorite in the future....
Reader 2 Comments
When Tom and Leah find Santa high in their kitchen, they decide to help him deliver presents to the rest of the world. “High on Christmas” has characters whose flaws are well-crafted to grind each other’s gears. The external conflict is clear and escalates engagingly, but the internal conflict sometimes feels like it is not progressing. The inner conflict could be supported by a more gradual release of information about Leah’s childhood. The tone is fitting for a holiday comedy and although its premise has similarities to other holiday comedies, its adult subject matter and new takes on aspects of Christmas sets it apart....