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A homeless street kid in Vietnam comes upon an abused dog that follows the boy. When the dog is kidnapped by thugs intent on selling it to butchers running the illegal dog meat trade, the boy is forced to mine the underworld, fending off deadly threats and escaping capture in an effort to save his best friend from impending slaughter.
In his home of inner city Hanoi, a lonely twelve-year-old boy who lives in poverty finds companionship with a stray dog he frees from captivity. After the dog is stolen to be sold in the city’s ruthless dog meat trade, the boy endeavors to save the dog and embarks on a journey through the city’s criminal underworld.
A homeless, lonely Vietnamese boy meets and befriends an abandoned dog. After the dog is abducted and sent to a butcher to be prepared for a dinner gathering, the boy races against time to save his one and only friend and companion.
Drama, Crime, Animal Lead, Asian Theme, Chase, Coming of Age, Dark, Escape, Feel Good/Uplifting, Foreign Locale, Friends/Friendship, Heartwarming, Independent (avant-garde), Kidnap, Rescue, Survival, Suspenseful, Troubled Youth, Urban, Violence/Violent
M Asian 13 Fit
Shiloh, War Horse, Eight Below, Finding Nemo
Present, Several Days
100% Vietnamese City including several homeless shelters, a juvenile dormitory, a police station, a butcher shop, a restaurant, a mansion, a motel room, a small house, a van, a police car, alleys, and city streets

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HÀO PHAN (12) goes home to his drug-addicted father, LINH PHAN (41). Later, Hao gets harassed by some TEEN BOYS (16). Hao tries to find shelter, but they are all full. A MAN (50s) offers Hao shelter. After three KIDS, two BOYS (13) and a GIRL (13), reject Hao, he finds PHU QUOC RIDGEBACK, a dog at an abandoned house. Hao gets his bike fixed by SHOP OWNER (50s). Later, Hao goes back to free the dog, but the dog doesn’t want to leave Hao’s side. As they spend time together, Quy begins to protect Hao as well as provide a source of money. SHELTER WORKER (40s) tells Hao he can’t bring the dog in with him, so Hao leaves. Later, two STERN MEN (40s) dog-nap Quy. They leave behind a lighter that says: “Legend Beer.” Hao goes to the Legend Beer and runs into GREEN JACKET, who stole his dog. Green Jacket beats Hao up and leaves him there. Hao goes to SANG (?) to get drugs to bribe QUÂN NGUYEN (30s) into helping him get Quy back. Hao talks to VAN LE (40s), who won’t tell him where he sells the dogs. Hao follows Van and sees a...
Reader 1 Comments
“Cho” is a drama about a poor street kid in Vietnam who, after adopting a stray dog, must traverse the urban landscape to save the dog from kidnappers who aim to butcher it for meat. A simple concept follows an active protagonist in a distinctly dangerous world, with escalating conflicts, and tension that builds to a well-executed, satisfying finale. Minimal dialogue and a highly realistic depiction of the world give the material a sophisticated edge, but the character’s personal arc is extremely basic and quickly accomplished, leaving simple action to drive the majority of the plot. Despite any of its current flaws, “Cho” is emotionally impactful and universally appealing, delivering the kind of classic story that’s well worth telling, which makes it an obvious contender for continued revisions....
Reader 2 Comments
This classic, warm-hearted drama about a Vietnamese boy who endeavors to save his pet dog from being sold on the dog meat market features various narrative strengths. A consistent tone allows ongoing, high-stakes conflict to test the protagonist and eventually set up a rewarding, universally appealing victory. The protagonist is very active and easy to invest in, even if he doesn’t get a chance to change his point of view or even “come of age” by a set of contrasts. Dialogue isn’t very notable, but in fact its general absence is an advantage to the material. One or two questions relating to the dog meat trade could be answered to more immediately offer clarity to the stakes. Overall though, more is working here than not....
Reader 3 Comments
“Cho” is a drama about a young boy who’s trying to rescue his dog from being butchered and eaten. The premise sets the stage for interesting characters and situations. The narrative structure allows for a complete story to be told and generally executes a three act structure well. There are some really strong character elements here, such as the relationship between the protagonist and his dog, which provide a strong goal to root for. Conflict generates strong stakes, and the tone creates an indelible sense of suspense and tension. Areas of improvement may revolve around giving the protagonist stronger internal conflict and a clearer arc. The writing is mostly on par with industry standards....