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Market September 5, 2019    Sold September 5, 2019
Producer Dallas Sonnier, Roy Lee, Dan Farah
Agent Jordan Lonner (UTA)
Production Farah Films, Cinestate
Studio New Line
12-11-2019 - Jason Bateman attached to direct.
A single mother is held captive by her violent ex, and her two young children are left at risk. She must do everything to protect them and survive.
A recovering drug addict must escape the pantry her abusive ex traps her in before he and his dangerous friend find her kids.
A mother is locked in a pantry by her drug addict ex while her two kids are left to fend for themselves. She must do everything she can to get back to her kids.
A young mother has finally gotten clean and is getting ready to move with her kids. After their drug-addicted father locks her in the pantry, she must fight to get to her kids before its too late.
Action, Children, Drama, Thriller, Faith/Spirituality, Family, Horror, Nature, Addiction, Adolescence, Baby, Coming of Age, Criminal, Dark, Death, Drugs, Dysfunctional Family, Escape, Father, Female Protagonist, Fight, Film, Home, Hostage, Kidnap, Killer, Money, Mother, Mother/Daughter, Motherhood, Murder, Parent, Parenthood, Poverty, Psychological Thriller, Rescue, Revenge, Robbery, Rural, Small Town, Survival, Suspenseful, Violence/Violent
F White 20 Skinny
Gerald's Game, Hush, Don't Breathe, Return to Sender, Panic room
Present, Three days, flashforward a few months at the end.
100% takes place in a two-story farmhouse (100 years old) in rural Tenessee.

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LAINEY (4) collects rotten apples outside an old farmhouse. JESSICA DARCY (20), too young to be a mother, weathered, comes looking for her daughter. Jessica feeds her baby MASON (6 months old) as she talks to her sister. Jessica plans on moving the kids tonight, but her sister insists she takes a drug test to prove she is now clean. Jessica agrees.

Jessica is packing when the pantry door shuts. The door has no handle and she is locked in. ROB TILLER (22), a scrappy meth addict, shows up and lets Jessica out. Rob is the father of Jessica’s two children, and he has brought a rumored sex-offender SAMMY (45) to the house with him. When Jessica asks them to leave, Rob gets angry and drags her back into the pantry, locking her in again.

Rob boards up the pantry door. Jessica screams at Lainey to go upstairs and lock the bedroom door with the baby. She does. Jessica’s hand gets punctured by a nail, and Rob slides meth under the door to taunt her. Rob then takes her purse and the two men leave. Jessica instructs Lainey to lock the front door and take care of the baby. The next morning...
Reader 1 Comments
“Shut In” is a thriller that centers on Jessica Darcy, a twenty-year-old mother of two that must somehow defend her kids from their meth-addicted father and his even more dangerous friend after they both lock her in the kitchen pantry as revenge for her own recovery. Jessica is a sympathetic protagonist from the start, and her clear desire to give her young children a better life justifies the methods she must take to ensure that happens. From being forced into a pantry to ensuring her kids are not molested by their father’s unnerving friend and still managing to take care of her three-year-old and her baby over the course of several days, the conflicts Jessica faces seem as extreme as they could possibly be. Jessica’s ultimate change, however, is not just fueled by revenge, but also driven by her own trust in herself and her justified belief that she deserves redemption, which makes for a refreshing take on a genre that is normally crowded with characters driven only by poor decisions. There is very little left wanting from “Shut In”, and nearly every category is as well measured as the recipe for Jessica’s grandmother’s award-winning apple butter....
Reader 2 Comments
"SHUT IN" chronicles a mother's, Jessica, desperate attempts to escape a pantry that has been nailed shut by her drug addict ex and tend to her young children who are exposed to the dangers of the world for three days. The internal and external conflicts provide enough substance to progress the story further and fuel the ever-present tension. The protagonist represents a spectrum of mothers who feel they never catch due to a lack of support for child care either because of their marital status or due to extenuating circumstances. The premise and originally give "Shut In" its elevated platform above others in its genre as it dares to explore alternative ways to increase tensions with a lack of visuals. Although "Shut In" excels in most of the categories, it is the craft that ultimately causes the most damage....
Reader 3 Comments
In this psychological thriller, Jessica, a recovering addict, is preparing for a move when Rob, the father of her kids, comes over high and locks her in the kitchen pantry. After days of being trapped, Jessica escapes and must fight off the demons of her past who now threaten her future. The premise is very strong for a film in this genre, and the conflict builds progressively. The heightened stakes add to the overall dark tone, which is established through specific camera angles and sounds. The characters also have strong arcs, with the well-crafted dialogue capturing their emotional journey throughout the elevation of the conflict....