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In 1910 London, a young man is recommended for a priesthood, but his training is threatened by his love for a woman from his village and the illicit discoveries he makes within the church.
As WWI breaks out, a young Scottish man decides to join the priesthood after becoming convinced that his romance with a childhood sweetheart is a sin. When he and the young woman both end up in London, he battles the temptation to be with her, and at the same time begins uncovering dark secrets within the church.
A young Scot who follows his destiny to become a priest over enlisting in WWI deals with the guilt of his romantic feelings for his childhood sweetheart, with whom he reunites in London, where she is a jazz singer and he is a junior priest in a seminary.
Drama, Faith/Spirituality, Period, Romance, Character Study, Coming of Age, Identity, Love, Love Triangle, Outsider, Performer, Secrets, Small Town, Urban, WWI
M White 16 Average
Atonement, Doubt, Grantchester, I Confess, The Secret Scripture
30% Scottish mining village including homes, a mine, the forest, a church 70% London including a hotel, pubs, cabarets, busy streets, a rectory

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In 1910, in the small mining town of Dalry, Scotland, troublemaker CAMERON PATRICK (14) pines for ALICE (16) and eventually follows her on her way home from school. She kisses him and they sleep together in the woods. On his way home, Cameron learns that there’s been a mine collapse. Along with father AMOS (30’s), he rushes to save his brothers MICHAEL (20’s) and SHAMUS (?), who are inside. Michael survives but Shamus dies. Cameron blames himself for Shamus’ death, thinking that his sin in sleeping with Alice caused the accident. He agrees with Amos’ insistence that becoming a priest is his destiny, while Michael goes off to fight in the war. Cameron confesses his perceived sin to FR. MCGILL (60’s), who thinks he will make a fine priest, and wants him to join a seminary in London. Meanwhile, Alice, a talented piano player, prepares to join a competitive music conservatory, also in London. She worries that she and Cameron will never see one another again. Six months later, Cameron moves to London, but has instructions to check in on Alice, whom no one has heard from in months. He goes to conservatory and learns that she left three months...
Reader 1 Comments
“True Love Never Dies” is a period drama about a young man who, in 1910, is recommended for a priesthood. His training as a priest is threatened by his love for a woman from his village and illicit discoveries he makes within the church. This premise is fantastic because it combines a tangible goal with a character who is challenged by the intense internal conflict it poses. Likewise, this character is easy to sympathize with and showcases clear development that is emphasized by philosophical dialogue. While the conflict is well-thought out, it could follow up on some of the issues that it seems to raise and then forget. Still, the tone is wonderfully melancholic and the pacing keeps events engaging by creating the right amount of tension as the story develops....
Reader 2 Comments
“True Love Never Dies” is a period drama about a young Scottish priest who is conflicted about an ongoing love affair with his childhood sweetheart, and at the same time is challenged by a disturbing discovery about his church superiors. A protagonist whose character is predicated on a series of intense internal conflicts makes this drama an effective character study, and delivers a satisfying, if not totally complete, transformation for him. Strong structure and pacing elements keep the plot engaging, and tonally appropriate twists and themes make the narrative an example of period drama done well. Therefore, any work towards polishing various weaknesses and further exploiting strong points is highly recommended....
Reader 3 Comments
This period drama about a young priest’s lifelong love for his childhood sweetheart and the various moral challenges he faces as a result features various strengths. A good mix of internal and external conflict keeps the protagonist consistently engaged with stakes of some kind, particularly as the external threats grow in the second half. Pacing and structure support escalation of well-blended subplots. The protagonist is a convincing character with interesting flaws, though his perspective on morality and whether or not it has changed as his religious trust and faith has changed could still stand to be addressed. A somewhat abrupt serendipity underlines a little bit too much contrast at the very end. Still, there is more working here than not, and the material presents a satisfying take on a familiar blend of warm and dark themes....