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Market April 22, 2019    Sold April 22, 2019
Agent  (Verve)
Manager  (Good Fear)
Studio Universal Pictures
Production Dylan Clark Productions
4-22-2019 - This sale was reported to be competitive and landed at mid-six figures per Deadline. This is the first spec sale following the WGA-ATA standoff that has resulted in thousands of writers firing their agents. Pittis was a movie usher when he wrote this, and was not in the WGA.
Under wraps, but described as a conntained thriller with a big sci-fi twist.
A woman trapped in a collapsing building struggles with her memory loss and the impending threat on her life, but when she starts to piece information together, she discovers a dark secret of the building and herself.
A woman in a medical gown must escape the aftermath of a terrorist attack as she pieces together her identity.
Injured in the rubble of an explosion, a female patient who has lost her memory must try to find a way out before the whole building collapses on her.
Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller, Disaster, DNA, Escape, Experiment, Female Protagonist, Film, Identity, Suspenseful, Terrorist
F Unspecified 30 Average
Lucy, Logan, Morgan, 127 Hours, World Trade Center
Present, A Few Hours
All scenes take place in a collapsed hospital building. Multiple scenes in a rubble-filled, collapsing u-staircase (flooded at one point), some scenes in a ventilation shaft, some scenes in an operating room, a hallway, and a laboratory.

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JESSICA FINLEY (30s) awakes to the aftermath of a building collapse, but she cannot remember how it happened or who she is. She discovers a radio on a nearby corpse and manages to contact FBI AGENT CELESTE SPARKS (40s), who informs her there was a terrorist attack on the hospital she's in, and the man responsible for the bomb is still in the building. They remain in contact as Jessica uncovers information about the dead terrorist and relays it to Agent Sparks. AGENT JOHNSON (adult) tries to communicate with Jessica, but she will only talk to Agent Sparks.

Through the radio, Jessica overhears a failed negotiation with the live TERRORIST in the building, and she later hears there is a second bomb in the building, which she discovers on the dead terrorist's body. Meanwhile, she spots a ventilation shaft accessible through a pile of rubble; she breaks two fingers in the process but manages to enter the vent. In attempting to climb a vertical vent, she slips and the fall triggers a memory of her in an operating room and a nurse with a green-liquid-filled syringe, just before the explosion. She exits the vent and contacts the agent, who informs her...