• Faust
  • Cory Byam
  • Action No Agent 2011 Thriller Top Action Available Top Horror Top Thriller
  • 82.9
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Market October 4, 2011
Manager Ken Freimann (Circle of Confusion)
Faust sold his soul to save his wife, who died anyway, and now he collects souls for the devil to pay off his debt. When Faust is asked by an angel to protect a woman from the devil, Faust learns that this woman is carrying, and protecting, half of his late wife's soul.
Once a Bounty hunter of souls, a re-imagined form of Goethe’s Faust must break free of his evil servitude to Lucifer and rescue a young woman whose soul is vital in turning the balance in the fight between good and evil.
The mythic figure of Faust is re-imagined as a modern man who made a deal with the devil to save his dying wife and became a soul collector to repay his debt. Thirty years later when his debt is almost repaid, he becomes a vital part in the approaching battle between angels and demons.
Action, Fantasy, Thriller, Adaptation, Horror, Supernatural, Apocalyptic, Dark, Demons, Film, Ghost, Hitman
M White 38 Fit
Legion, Priest
Present with flashbacks to thirty years ago, A Few Days
85% takes place in locations around New York City 15% in fantasy locations relating to Heaven and Hell. New York City locations mostly split between Manhattan and Brooklyn with Manhattan locations of downtown office building, Gothic-style cathedral with a seminary garden including a mausoleum that opens into a hidden underground bunker, Manhattan souvenir shop, gas station and Brooklyn locations include pawn shop with a backroom and locker room plus a basement containing catacombs, a dungeon and the pits of Hell, pawn shop building at one point explodes, bar, apartment building, dirty one room apartment. Other locations around New York city are Bronx apartment building and abandoned empty apartment inside it with flashback to apartment fully decorated before it was abandoned, Grand Central Terminal and rooftop which get torn up during a battle at the end, back alleys, Little Hades neighborhood of NYC, Little Hades shop that sells souls, several building rooftops, one with a water tower and utility shed, shipyard warehouse, Coney Island abandoned amusement park with Ferris wheel, roller coaster and carousel house interior, elevated subway platform looking down on a street, Williamsburg Bridge, Staten Island hospital psychiatric ward, flashbacks to thirty years ago in hospital room and maternity ward and a cemetery.

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In downtown Manhattan, FAUST (?) takes the soul of a man whose pact with the devil has run out, and delivers it to MALPHUS (35). LUCIFER (55) assigns Faust another soul to collect. In a hospital, MARIAH (30) resists treatment for madness as demons only she can see surround her. Faust arrives at a cathedral tended to by PYTHOS (36), who leads him to a bunker full of weapons and equipment. Faust reveals that he is suffering from an ash-like affliction, and Pythos gives him a serum to counter its effects. The pair meet two AGENTS, who try to recruit Faust into finding and rescuing Mariah. They believe Mariah is the key to winning a war between heaven and hell. Faust resists, and goes to his apartment to think about it, where he remembers his late wife Anna, with sadness.

As Faust struggles to decide whether or not to help, Ronald (56) visits Mariah in the hospital, but is prevented from seeing her and is told her attacks are getting worse. Mariah is set to undergo further treatment for her ‘madness’ but at the last second Faust appears and rescues her. Malphus and his lackeys kill the two agents who hired...
Reader 1 Comments
“Faust” is a deeply personal and fantastically imaginative retelling of the epic battle between heaven and hell, enhanced by elegant mythology and well-drawn characters caught in a thrilling mystery with a tantalizing twist. Faust is an utterly believable cop-turned-Devil’s-bounty-hunter after selling his soul to save his wife, Anna … who, of course, dies anyway since Lucifer is the master of deceit. As Faust works off his debt, he is aided by an Earth-bound angel friend, Pythos, who broke his oath to not interfere in the lives of the living long ago. Faust is pitted against a deliciously malicious Lucifer wrapped in a black suit and an entourage of flies perpetually buzzing around him. The world they live in, and their conflict, is human enough to matter yet supernatural enough to truly dazzle. What’s missing is the heavy-handed, melodramatic religious overtones that make most angels vs. demons battles impersonal and inaccessible....
Reader 2 Comments
“Faust” is a compelling reframe of a classic story, and its craft shows a deep understanding of the source material that leads to something that already feels like a fully finished film. It takes on an unoriginal subject—the battle between heaven and hell, demons and angels, good and evil—but through a combination of complex, unique characters, the re-imagined setting of an old tale, and a tight grasp of narrative structure and pace, it moves beyond the limits of its genre and into something special....
Reader 3 Comments
This is a Faustian tale that is not truly rooted in the Faust legend. Faust is reimagined as a modern man who made a deal with the devil to save his wife and is now working as a soul collector to repay the debt. While this is an interesting premise, it could be any man, not specifically Faust. The only connection is that he made a deal with the devil, but the characters and reasons for doing so differ completely. Then with the additional element of an approaching battle between Heaven and Hell add excitement and intrigue but again are wholly unrelated to the Faust legend. The writing creates a dark fantasy world that easily suspends disbelief since it is built on commonly accepted beliefs of Heaven, Hell, angels and demons. These concepts are also highly universal and never really get old. The believability of the world it takes place in is solid but there are other flaws in logic in certain details that lead to a confused and unresolved ending (105.4, 108.2)....