• The Half of It
  • Alice Wu
  • Black List No Manager Set Up 2018 S
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Market December 7, 2018    Sold December 7, 2018
Producer Anthony Bregman
Agent Steve Jo Eads, Darian Lanzetta, John McGregor (CAA)
Financier Netflix
Set to start shooting April 2019.
A smart, lonely teen is commissioned by the high school running-back to write love letters to the object of his,
and her, affection
A nerdy high school outsider gets hired by an earnest football player to write love letters to the girl that he wants to win and that she too secretly loves.
Comedy, Faith/Spirituality, Family, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Teen, Asian Theme, Chick Flick, Coming of Age, Contemplative, Dating, Daughter, Father/Daughter, Feel Good/Uplifting, Female, Female Protagonist, Football, Friends/Friendship, Heartwarming, High School, Identity, Inspirational, LGBTQ, Love, Love Triangle, Philosophical, Relationship, Small Town, Social Commentary, Student, Teen Comedy
F Asian 17 Average
"To All the Boys I've Loved Before," "Kissing Jessica Stein," "The Fault in Our Stars"
Present, Spans Several Weeks
Takes place entirely in and around the town of Squahamish, Washington. Major locations include a high school, a train depot, a road into town, a run-down apartment, and a low quality rec room. Minor locations include a Catholic Church, a gravel yard, a sausage shop, a McMansion, a couple of diners, a movie theater, a pharmacy, a cowfield, a football stadium, and a forest hot spring.

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A self-reliant nerd becomes friends with a dimwitted but kind jock after he hires her to write love letters to the girl they both secretly love. Ellie is a sympathetic and likeable lead. Her flaw, being too afraid to act on what she wants, is relatable but also provides a significant challenge for her to overcome, and much of “The Half of It” traces her arc of becoming bolder. The external conflict of setting up the jock Paul with complex Aster is challenging but could be heightened, and there are sequences where this conflict is secondary to the development of relationships. Ellie’s internal conflict between her friendship with Paul and her feelings for Aster is compelling but would be more satisfying if it were solved by Ellie rather than bad timing. Events are well-structured, with turning points happening as soon as relationships have been developed enough and tracing Ellie’s journey to overcome her flaw. The dialogue highlights characters’ distinct voices and provides much of the humor, which is further heightened by a tone that effectively balances humor with sincerity and pain. “The Half of It” uses but subverts high school romantic comedy tropes to give a sense of freshness in its glorification of friendship over romance....