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Market December 7, 2018    Sold March 18, 2019
Actor Will Smith
Manager Zac Frognowski, Jeff Silver (Grandview)
Agent Sue Carls, Jon Cassir, Praveen Pandian (CAA)
Production Star Thrower Entertainment
Studio Warner Brothers
3-18-2019 - Per THR, the package sold for $50M in a bidding war with TriStar, Paramount, MRC, and the Obama's Netflix-based production label, Higher Ground. The reported amount includes the budget of the picture.
The true story of Richard Williams, the hard-nosed and uncompromising father of tennis prodigies turned superstars, Venus and Serena Williams.
Richard Williams, father to Venus and Serena Williams, trains his girls from a young age to be the fiercest and best tennis players of all time.
A devoted father guides his two black daughters against experts and haters to raise two of the most incredible tennis players of all time.
Richard Williams overcomes hardships, controversy, and discrimination in order to fight to the top and bring his daughters, Venus and Serena Williams, to stardom.
Drama, Biopic, Athlete, Character Study, Film, Non-Fiction, True Story
Ultra High
M Black 45 Average
Battle of the Sexes, Borg vs. McEnroe, The Blind Side, The LongShot, Venus and Serena
Takes place over six years, from 1988-1994
Compton, California; West Palm Beach, Florida; Beverly Hills; Los Angeles; Shreveport Cemetery, Haines City, Florida; Oakland Colosseum Arena

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Over black, it says: "This is a true story."

RICHARD, 45, black, powerfully built, with a black eye, and harboring a lifetime of anger and resentment roams around a Los Angeles Country Club. He's there to collect used tennis balls from a tennis pro. Later, he drives into Compton, California -- a whole different world littered with violence and cops prowling like sharks. Two young black girls lug phone books down the street. They are VENUS, 8, and self-possessed and SERENA, 7, confident and chaotic. Richard brings them to practice in the Compton Tennis Court, following Richard's peculiar training strategy. He's very supportive and they're clearly strong in the sport. They're interrupted by KING, the leader of a Bloods gang. King threatens Richard and Richard won't back down, leading to another fistfight.

Richard calls tennis pro PAUL COHEN's house to try to convince him to train his daughters for free. He hangs up. After, Richard is trying to pitch to Bud Collins, followed by other tennis pros at different country clubs. They all refuse. One of them VIC BRADEN (60s) however tells Richard that his girls are talented but that the odds of them playing professionally are extremely low. 

Richard's anger begins to...
Reader 1 Comments
“King Richard” follows the life of Venus and Serena Williams from the early age of seven to their start in fame at fourteen. Told from the perspective of their father, “King Richard” brings a unique look and execution to the sports movie by resting the stakes in his hands. His dedication even through lack of knowledge is an inspiration, and makes him a strong character to carry this premise....
Reader 2 Comments
A black father with a plan meticulously works for his two black daughters to thrive in the world of tennis. The premise of a father with no tennis background nor resources encouraging his daughters to pursue it is inspirational. Subsequently, while Richard is an unorthodox character his inaptitude with the conflict drives the premise home. Similar to other parents from poor neighborhoods, Richard wants his daughters to succeed, yet his methods create an internal conflict of how involved he should be in the process. As the conflict resolves, Richard softens completing the feature on a good note....
Reader 3 Comments
“King Richard” is the unbelievable and true story of Richard Williams, the hard-nosed but dedicated father of Venus and Serena Williams. Through sheer passion and hard work, Richard defies all odds while leading the Williams sisters to stardom. “King Richard” is constantly captivating and feels like being immersed in an engaging game of tennis, where it’s difficult to guess Richard’s next tactic. The strong establishment of a difficult past life, along with an escalating antagonism in the tennis world, makes it all the more rewarding when Richard ultimately wins. Richard’s character is the crux of this biographical film and he provides “King Richard” a fascinating and well-developed character. It is always interesting to follow Richard, a charming underdog, who even takes precedence over superstars Venus and Serena. More importantly, “King Richard” delivers a multilayered protagonist that is wonderfully human and never defined by hardship, race, or controversy. This strong character is the essence of a refreshing sense of originality that takes this more simplistic premise and creates an inspiring character and narrative. This is only supported by a well-balanced structure and clear stakes in the pacing. The tone, logic, and craft are as well effective. The internal conflict is one of the strongest elements of “King Richard” and consistently holds it up. Although the external conflict is present, it could be better focused to give more clarification to Richard’s decisions. While the dialogue works, it still falters in believability and sometimes feels unnatural. Nonetheless, “King Richard” is a strong piece that, if treated carefully, has the potential to be culturally significant....