• Wendi
  • Amy Wang
  • Black List Drama Hit List No Agent 2018 S Available
  • 77.1
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Market November 13, 2018
Manager Cassie Duffy (Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment ), Lindsay Perraud
 (Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment ),
When an ambitious girl from the slums of China manipulates her way into marriage with a media tycoon, she becomes one of the most powerful women in the Western world. This is the story of Wendi Deng, second wife of Rupert Murdoch.
When Wendi Deng gets the chance to escape from her hometown in China to chase her American dream, she works her way to the top, using intelligence and manipulation.
Based on the life of Wendi Murdoch, of how a poor but intelligent girl from China rose to success in the United States.
A young, brilliant but poor Chinese girl, obsessed with Western culture, longs to get to the United States to build a life for herself. Once an opportunity comes her way to travel there with an American businessman, she crosses the Pacific and works her way to the top through marriage and determination.
Drama, Biopic, Divorce, Fame, Father/Daughter, Female Protagonist, Foreign Locale, Husband/Wife, Marriage, Media, Siblings, True Story, Work Related, Workplace
F Asian 44 Attractive
Wolf of Wall Street, Joy, Molly's Game, Succession
1973-2012. 39 years
Multiple locations in Xuxhou, China (elementary school, university, fancy Cherry apartment, Wen Ge's small apartment, the family's small house, a larger house for the house party, talk show studio, restaurant), multiple locations in the United States (Cal Tech, houses in LA and NYC, mansions in LA, pool parties)

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WENDI (Asian, 44) practices a speech in front of the mirror. She yells at her assistant to get her some water, and she is obviously nervous. She begins to recite her speech, revealing that her announcement surrounds her divorce from Rupert Murdoch. Flashback to Xuxhou, China, 1973. Wen Ge (5) eats dinner with her siblings MEI (sister, 7), LI HAU (sister, 12), FU (brother, 4), and her parents DEHUI (father, 38) and XUE QIN (mother, 35). After dinner, the children split up into teams, with Wen Ge and Mei working together to wash the dishes and Li Hua and Fu mopping. Wen Ge and Mei quickly wash the dishes, and announce when they are done, winning a prize from their father for finishing faster. He gives them an American appliances catalogue. That night in their room, Mei and Wen Ge add the catalogue to their tin box that is filled with American memorabilia. In the catalogue, they admire a refrigerator. Mei tells Wen Ge she will have to marry an American man if they ever want a fridge. Five years later, Wen Ge and Mei are in the same class at school. Wen Ge eagerly wants to answer all of...
Reader 1 Comments
The true story of how Wendi Deng escaped China to eventually marry one of the most influential men in the world. The premise is inherently interesting and dramatic, and is only elevated by the knowledge that it actually happened. The character of Wendi is flawed and authentic, and is easily able to carry an entire film on her back in a compelling manner, even as she goes through major changes. Conflict is always present, with a nice balance between Wendi’s career and family struggles that compliment each other. It’s well-written, easy to follow and understand, and is consistently entertaining. The strong female lead and the intelligent maneuvers she makes in order to benefit no one but herself help to distinguish it from other biopics of a similar nature, and help it rise above any genre clichés....
Reader 2 Comments
When a poor girl from China moves to America and marries one of the most powerful men in the world, her success comes with more struggles than she foresaw. The protagonist, Wendi, is strong because she is complicated. Her character change makes her more and more unlikeable as she goes from the family-oriented underdog to a selfish loner. While she accomplishes her goals, they come at a price, which is demonstrated effectively through the external and internal conflicts. However, while the conflicts eventually build off of one another, the middle lacks obstacles for Wendi which undercuts her conflicts. She makes her decisions too easily and there needs to be more tension throughout. The pacing starts to slow down in the middle because Wendi too easily accomplishes her goals and changes for the worse. Seeing Wendi grapple more with her conflicts as well as struggle a bit more to be successful would help in adding tension and keeping the pacing strong. However, Wendi is established well in the beginning throughout the scenes of her childhood which makes her actions and decisions logical. Her dialogue is specific to her character as she is often blunt and honest, and subtext and cross purposes are presented throughout. Overall, while Wendi’s road to success is portrayed as being easy at times, it is engaging due to her characterization and ultimate downfall....
Reader 3 Comments
“Wendi” is about a Chinese woman named Wen Ge (Wendi) who dreams of the United States and all the opportunity and wealth that can be made across the Pacific. Once she comes in contact with businessman and future husband, Jake Cherry, she goes back to the US to start her life of ascending the social ladder through marriage and ambition. The premise is strong, but outlines the common rags to riches biopic that can be seen often in film. The characters and the way they deal with conflict is interesting, but nothing special, nor is the dialogue as it does not do a very good job at strengthening the characters and their relations to each other. The pacing and structure of this behemoth of a project is subpar, and edits in both sections would help shorten the 130 page film that is definitely too long. There are many shortcomings in the film, but where it does not lack in certain sections, it proves very average in others. The project certainly is not bad, as a whole it just struggles to keep one interested for the entirety of the film, which is a long one. Focusing the film and condensing it would do wonders, probably making it one that people should consider....