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Market June 1, 2018    Sold June 7, 2018
Director Aneesh Chaganty
Producer Sev Ohanian, Natalie Qasabian
Agent Jon Cassir, Nick Ohiony, Praveen Pandian (CAA)
Studio Lionsgate
6-7-2018 - Per Variety, Lionsgate won the highly competitive bid. Chaganty & Ohanian were previously behind the Sundance hit SEARCHING starring John Cho. Set for late 2018 start.
Story centers on a homeschooled teenager who begins to suspect her mother is keeping a dark secret from her.
A chronically-ill teenager begins to suspect her mother plays a dark role in her condition.
Isolated from the world due to her disability, a teenage girl slowly starts to realize she has been deceived and manipulated by her mother for years and now her freedom and life is in danger.
A disabled daughter uncovers the truth about her condition and the role her mother played. Now she fights to escape.
A young teen with a multitude of medical impairments begins to suspect that her mother is hiding something from her.
Drama, Thriller, Teen, Adolescence, Betrayal, College/University, Dark, Daughter, Death, Disability, Dysfunctional Family, Escape, Female, Female Protagonist, Handicapped, Home, Hostage, Illness, Medical, Mental Illness, Mother, Mother/Daughter, Motherhood, Obsession, Parent, Secrets, Small Town, Survival, Suspenseful
F White 17 Unattractive
Mommy Dead and Dearest, Love You to Death, Carrie, "Everything, Everything", Single White Female, Love You to Death, Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night
Present, Over Two Weeks.
Church basement, rec room, house (bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen) Washington pacific coast, movie theater, pharmacy, garden, hospital, correctional facility.

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A woman's baby is hooked to a bunch of tubes after being born, and it is revealed that she has a multitude of illnesses. MOTHER (a.k.a. Connie) is at a meeting for mothers of homeschooled kids, about how excited she is for her daughter to go to college. DAUGHTER (Chloe) is sitting in a playroom with the younger kids. She works on homework with a boy, but there is too much tension between them. MONTAGE of Chloe going about her day with all of her physical ailments, and being homeschooled. Chloe and her mom have dinner together. Chloe sneaks into the kitchen the next day to steal chocolate. She finds a bottle of green pills with a warning label on it, and the prescription is under her mother's name. Chloe asks her mother if she's a burden at dinner, and Mother tells her that she isn't and that they're a team. When Mother gives Chloe her meds, Chloe recognizes them as the pills that she saw earlier, but takes them anyway. The next day, when Mother is gone, Chloe sneaks into her bathroom and steals the pill bottle. She notices that her mother replaced a new label on over the...