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Market March 28, 2018    Sold March 28, 2018
Director Craig Zobel
Producer Jason Blum
Agent Ted Miller, Todd Feldman (CAA), Andrew Mathes, Ari Greenburg, Christopher Slager, Cori Wellens, Meyash Prabhu (WME)
Studio Universal Pictures
Production Blumhouse Pictures
Plot details for the action-thriller are begin kept under wraps.
A group of rednecks wake up in the woods to discover they're being hunted by a group of rich elites.
A group of working-class people are being hunted for sport by a group of liberal elites, who are seeking revenge after a certain Reddit thread goes viral.
A femme fatale must survive as she and ten other like-minded people are hunted down for their beliefs.
A group of people are kidnapped and hunted for sport by liberal elites.
Action, Thriller, Horror, Political, Chase, Dark, Death, Escape, Female Protagonist, Film, Foreign Locale, Gory, Murder, Revenge, Social Commentary, Survival, Suspenseful, Violence/Violent
F White 40 Average
The Hunger Games. The Purge, The Most Dangerous Game, Get Out, Battle Royale, You're Next, The Most Dangerous Game
Present, Spans Two Days with a short flashback to December of 2017.
Private jet, woods, road, gas station, train, refugee camp, hilltop camp, office, manor. Most scenes take place in rural Croatia.

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There is a group text between ATHENA (Adult), DOUG (middle-aged), TED (middle-aged), LIBERTY (middle-aged), JULIUS (early 70’s), OLIVER (Adult), MIRANDA (early 70’s), MARTIN (middle-aged), and RICHARD (middle-aged) talking about where to go for dinner, and an event called The Hunt held at The Manor, which includes slaughtering “inbred rednecks”. Miranda exclaims that they’re not to talk about The Manor on text. Liberty deletes the thread. Richard harasses a flight attendant on a private jet when a man wearing full denim stumbles into the main cabin, drooling and unable to form sentences. The flight attendant, Richard and THE DOCTOR (middle-aged) are completely freaked out at this. Other sleeping bodies in the back of the plane start to stir as well.

In a private bedroom, Athena is awakened by noises of a fight. She comes out and kills the man in denim, and orders the men to put him back with the others. DAISY (?) wakes in the woods, gagged with a lock so that she can’t take it off. Daisy notices that there are many others, maybe ten, across the woods that are gagged, and just waking. They find a crate with weapons and other survival supplies that they all fight over....