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Market February 16, 2018    Sold February 16, 2018
Producer Andrew Lazar, Benjamin Simpson, Paul Perez, Cate Adams
Agent Adam Perry, Sheryl Peterson (APA)
Studio Warner Brothers
Production Mad Chance Productions
Sold for high six figures.
When a down-on-his-luck high school senior discovers that the roadside diner on the edge of town is a hangout for interdimensional travelers, he sets off on a mind-bending adventure across the multiverse that takes him beyond his wildest dreams. Based on the Hugo Award-winning short story.
A teenage boy wishes to right his wrongs and discovers the opportunity to search for his ideal reality through the multi-verse.
A high school student hopelessly in love with a childhood friend takes a chance jumping to parallel universes to gain a second chance at love.
A luckless teen seizes his chance to set out and find his ideal life after he discovers his local diner is actually an inter-dimensional gateway.
After discovering his local diner is a hub for multiverse jumpers, a high school senior decides to leave his old life behind and dive into the multiverse.
Haunted by his regrets and defeated by his current life, a teenage boy decides to travel to alternate universes to find happiness from a portal at the diner where he works, even if it means that he can’t return.
When a lonely teenager is presented with the opportunity to travel to alternate dimensions, he embarks on a journey to find happiness, however, he gets stuck in an endless cycle of starting over.
Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Adventure, Family, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Teen, Adolescence, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Broad Comedy, Cloning, Coming of Age, Death, Disaster, Dramedy, Dysfunctional Family, Escape, Experiment, Father/Son, Feel Good/Uplifting, Film, Friends/Friendship, Futuristic, Grief, Heartwarming, High School, Home, Journey, Love, Magic, Mother, Mother/Son, Relationship, Rescue, School, Secret Identity, Secrets, Small Town, Student, Teen Comedy, Time Travel, Tragedy, Transformation, Travel
Ultra High
M White 17 Average
"Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", "Back to the Future", "About Time", "Meet the Robinsons", "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse", "Isn't it Romantic"
Present, A Few Months. Flashbacks to 10 Years Ago.
Takes place entirely in a small town. A run down two-story house, a high school hallway, a baseball field, a grocery store, a classic diner, its kitchen and basement, a secluded forested lake, and a run-down road lined with liquor shops and a movie theater. In addition, a very large variety of parallel universes, including a nuclear wasteland, a futuristic city, an abandoned laboratory overgrown with plants, and a dinosaur ranch. Most parallel universes are just variations of the main small town.

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Eight years pass and ANDY (17) is in high school working a job to support his recently unemployed dad, CHARLIE (40s). Piper is happily dating someone else, and Dawn has died some time ago. In the hopes of covering for his dad’s lost income, Andy asks for a job at the diner. The owner and sole employee, HARRY (60s), is reluctant to hire anyone else, but Andy convinces him to take on another worker. While working the night shifts, Andy notices strange people start to come in, all of them speaking unearthly languages and dressed in obscure ways.

Andy soon learns these people are inter-dimensional travelers, and the diner is a hub for them to take a break in. Depressed by his life and craving to experience the worlds these patrons come from, Andy obtains his own universe-hopper, called a Jump, and travels to another universe. Universe B is perfect in every way—there’s no war, no poverty, and in this universe, Andy and Piper are in a committed relationship. Ecstatic at the chance to finally date his life-long crush, Andy gleefully gets intimate with Universe B Piper, who thinks he’s the same as his counterpart. However, before they can go anywhere,...
Reader 1 Comments
“Harry’s All-Night Hamburgers” follows a teenage boy who wishes to right his wrongs and goes traveling for his ideal reality through the multi-verse. This is an intriguing story ready to be pitched, as it presents a different perspective of a well-known idea. The characters are well-written and crucial to the growth of the protagonist, Andy. The dialogue is natural and contains many instances of subtext through a blended comedic-dramatic tone. Both the main internal and external conflicts are connected to Andy’s realization of what he needs to find his way back home. The storyline follows a linear three-act structure that centers around Andy’s character arc, which as a result leads to engaging plot progression. That said, this is a thoroughly planned piece with excellent and exciting writing from beginning to end....
Reader 2 Comments
OVERALL (Strong Recommend)
High school student and restaurant worker, Andy Campbell, is tempted to shift universes when he finds himself unsatisfied with his life. Regretful of missed opportunities, Andy decides to search for his childhood friend, Piper, in alternate universes in which he can pursue a romantic relationship with her. The premise is strategically created to maintain engagement, creating a fine balance of fantasy and teen genres. The characters also are multilayered to create powerful dynamics between the protagonist and the main supporting characters. The conflicts are interwoven, both the internal and external conflicts impacting each other and thus driving Andy’s decisions. The dialogue is necessary with a subtextual undertone that expresses the character’s desires and emotions. The originality is unique, further heightening the engagement and suspense throughout....
Reader 3 Comments
When unlucky Andy discovers his local diner is actually a hub that will allow him to travel to different parallel universes, Andy seizes the chance to leave his depressing universe behind in order to find one where everything will finally go his way. Andy is single-minded in his quest to find the universe that’s perfect for him, but poetically enough, his flaw is that he truly believes a completely different life will offer him anything better than what his original life had. As Andy pursues his desire for perfection, he must instead learn that what he really wants, and misses more than anything, is the life he came from. However, the danger of universe jumping is there’s no going back once you leave. “Harry’s All-Night Hamburgers” is an incredibly touching sci-fi comedy that explores what really makes us who we are—whether it’s the things we yearn for yet do not have, or the things we’ve loved and lost, and in doing so taught us what it means to yearn in the first place. This adventure pays homage to past time-traveling teen hits from the past, but contributes a unique execution that makes it a fresh contribution to the genre....
Reader 4 Comments
A teenager, who feels his life has no purpose, decides to travel the multiverse. Upon doing so, he realizes the life he had was the one he wants and begins to search for a way to jump home. This is an intriguing premise and balances a comedic tone with Andy’s difficult inner conflict. The structure flows naturally with proper causality to each of the events. The dialogue shows the inner convictions of each character and perfectly balances comedy and drama. The character arcs are clear as Andy’s inner conflict is what causes him to enter the multiverse and drives his need to escape it....
Reader 5 Comments
After discovering that he could travel to parallel universes from his local diner, Andy does so in hopes of bettering his life, despite possibly not being able to return home. Andy is a compelling protagonist whose well-defined arc is complimented greatly by the colorful and humorous cast of supporting characters. However, certain aspects of the multiverse travelling mechanic can undermine Andy’s conflicts and stakes. Regardless, “Harry’s All Night Hamburger” is a charming narrative with many hilarious and imaginative set pieces and a solid and thoughtful structure that leads up to an incredibly touching conclusion. The themes of family, appreciating life, and self-betterment are all universal, relatable, and compellingly conveyed as well....
Reader 6 Comments
This story about a teenage boy who travels between dimensions in hopes of finding love and a life worth living is emotionally engaging. The premise has inherent tension and stakes because once Andy leaves his home universe, he can not return. While Andy’s internal conflict is strong as he struggles to find the life he wants to live, the external conflict is presented more as an obstacle rather than something that springs Andy into action. Andy is presented as lonely and passive, which helps establish him as ill-equipped to achieve his goal, however, there is not a large sense of who he is outside of his desires. Furthermore, the pacing is strong at first as the premise has inherent tension, however, it begins to drag in the second act as Andy flip flops between his motivations. The craft is strong in the beginning as it establishes Andy's life at home and backstory, however, it becomes more explicit towards the end leaving less room for the audience to make inferences. The dialogue lacks subtext and originality between characters, but helps develop the ridiculous worlds of the various dimensions. Overall, the story is engaging but more work needs to be done in order to establish the characters and create consistency....