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Market October 11, 2017    Sold November 10, 2017
Actor Bryan Unkeless
Producer Scott Morgan
Agent Greg Pedicin, Danny Toth (Gersh)
Manager Jeremy Platt, Antonio D’Intino (Plattform)
Distributor Clubhouse Pictures
A buck-hunting competition and unexpected pregnancy start a war between two families that envelopes an entire Minnesota town.
Two men fight one another to save their families, inadvertently beginning a feud that engulfs a small Minnesota town.
Drama, Accident, Dark, Death, Father, Father/Daughter, Father/Son, Fatherhood, Film, Investigation, Parenthood, Pregnancy, Rural, Secrets
M Unspecified 40 Average
"Romeo and Juliet", "Westside Story"
Present, over 1-2 weeks
Woods, cabin interior, shop, police station, home interior, town hall, church interior

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JOHN HALVERSON (Adult) confronts a hunter on his land, saying that the area is off-limits to hunting. John’s daughter, SUMMER HALVERSON (16) stares at a positive pregnancy test.

GARY HALL (Adult), the town pastor, surveys his church’s leaky ceiling during a service. Gary’s son, SILAS (16) receives a text from Summer telling him that she has become pregnant.

Later, John is threatened by STIG KNUTSON (40’s), a loan shark. John has borrowed money from Stig in order to support his ailing craft business, where he carves antlers that are naturally shed from the deer on his property. The next day, John secures a buyer for his products, provided that the next antlers that are carved are shed naturally from John’s biggest buck, GNARLY. Meanwhile, the town’s annual buck hunting competition begins, with a prize of $35,000. After learning that he cannot afford to save his church from collapse, Gary decides to enter the competition. He sets up a stand on John’s land, despite John’s protests.

John’s wife, REBECCA (Adult), finds the pregnancy test. Silas confesses to his father that he got Summer pregnant. The two families meet in order to discuss the issue. John and Rebecca support Summer’s decision to get an abortion,...