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Market June 21, 2011
Executive John Tantillo
Agent Shan Ray (Kaplan Stahler)
Manager John Tantillo (Tantillo Entertainment)
Was a Nicholl Semi-Finalist in 2010.
As they grow older, two best friends must learn to respect each others needs in their relationship or risk losing it altogether.
Two best-friends have their relationship tested when a perfect woman enters their lives, and brings out the best (and worst) in both of them.
Two women have been best friends since childhood. When one of the women meets a new acquaintance, however, the burgeoning relationship threatens to destroy a lifelong friendship.
Comedy, Buddy, Chick Flick, Film
F White 33 Attractive
Bridesmaids, Superbad, Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, Now and Then, Dumb and Dumber
Present, A Few Months / Brief Flashbacks to 1980s-1990s
New York: Long Island home, New York City streets, art galleries, upstate country, airplane for skydiving, homes, restaurants, cars, apartment and a warehouse big enough to house boxing matches and wild celebrity parties.

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RAQUEL ADAMS (7), a beautiful girl, stands outside a birthday party with NANNY (20), a frank woman who is the closest thing Raquel has to family. The party looks dull, but Raquel is resigned to going inside and winning the egg toss activity. While there, she meets BONNIE (7), a chubby, frizzy-haired girl whom nobody likes. Feeling bad for Bonnie, Raquel asks her to be her partner for the egg toss. Thanks to a hard-boiled egg, the girls win, and this begins a lifelong friendship between them. As the years go by, their friendship strengthens. Raquel spends holidays with Bonnie's family, which includes Bonnie's sexy and delinquent brother, PIERCE (16). At one point, the girls wreck Pierce's car, and Raquel takes the blame even though it's Bonnie's fault. The women grow extremely close, and eventually RAQUEL (33) hires BONNIE (33) to be her personal assistant while Raquel tries to succeed at running her own art gallery. Bonnie does everything for Raquel, even dumping boyfriends for her. Raquel is extremely demanding and Bonnie slowly begins to lose herself, for example fixating on her weight instead of living her life. One day at a charity event, Bonnie starts to choke. SAVINA DODGE...
Reader 1 Comments
A well developed premise with distinct characters successfully creates a comedic and warm portrayal of two best friends, who must learn to live with, and without, each other. Raquel and Bonnie have been best friends since they were kids but as they grow older, Bonnie begins to feel stifled from life lived under Raquel's dominating personality. Making a new friend, Bonnie tries to break away from Raquel, who is reluctant to let her leave. Eventually, the two realize how much they value their relationship and they reunite. Most elements are predictable and strong development and relatable characters only slightly overshadow this. Basic spelling mistakes are easily fixed but detract from the overall writing....
Reader 2 Comments
The long-time friendship of Bonnie and Raquel is tested when a perfect woman enters their lives, and brings out the best (and worst) in both of them. A raunchy chick-flick with a refreshing take on a familiar premise, “Your New Best Friend” offers quick and witty dialogue with true-to-life characters and conflicts. This buddy comedy works on every level: great pacing, believable conflicts, memorable lines and it rarely relies on raunchiness alone to be funny....
Reader 3 Comments
Well written, "Your New Best Friend" is filled with humorous moments that seem realistic. Raquel and Bonnie's friendship is interesting, complex, and the conflict that arises from that relationship fuels nearly every scene. It is easy to become emotionally invested in the characters' arcs, and there are a handful of secondary characters that provide entertainment. Resolution happens a little too easily, and the Savina character is flat at times though....