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Market November 30, 2017    Sold November 30, 2017
Director Tyler Gillett, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin
Studio Fox Searchlight
11-2017 - Per THR, was said to have been acquired in a competitive bidding. The writer is not the Ryan Murphy of American Horror Story.
A newlywed bride takes part in an initiating tradition of her new family, but she soon discovers the game she's playing is more sinister than she anticipated.
After marrying the love of her life, a young bride discovers she must play a dangerous game as a twisted initiation into the family.
A young bride struggles to survive her wedding night as her in-laws try to kill her in a twisted version of hide and seek.
Drama, Thriller, Family, Horror, Supernatural, Betrayal, Chase, Cult, Dark, Dysfunctional Family, Escape, Female Protagonist, Fish-Out-Of-Water, Game, Gory, Hostage, Murder, Secrets, Survival, Suspenseful, Violence/Violent, Wedding
F Unspecified 28 Attractive
Cabin in the Woods, Saw, Jumanji, Get Out, The Purge, You're Next
Present, Spans Two Days.
Le Domas Mansion in various rooms - music room, trophy room, dining room, game room, laundry room, security control room, bedrooms and bathrooms, a study, the kitchen. Outside the mansion are stables, the vast woods and a neighboring mansion.

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Two panicked young boys run through the dark, haunted Le Domas mansion, trying to escape a man who has a spear sticking out of his gut. After hiding the younger brother in a closet, the older brother confronts the man, but soon, devil-masked robed figures run in and put another spear through the man. They drag him away. GRACE (late 20’s) practices her vows in the mirror. ALEX LE DOMAS (early 30’s), her betrothed, bursts in. He gives her an out of the wedding, due to his family who he claims are horrible people. Grace commits, saying that she knows he’s not his family. DANIEL LE DOMAS (late 30’s), the older brother from the opening image, drunkenly interrupts to let them know that the two are needed for the wedding. While STEVENS (50’s), the family servant, takes photos, tensions run high between Grace and the Le Domas family, which includes REBECCA “BECKY” LE DOMAS (mid-60’s), Alex’s mom, ANTHONY “TONY” LE DOMAS (late 60’s), Alex’s dad, and CHARITY LE DOMAS (30’s) Daniel’s wife. However, the wedding follows through. After an awkward encounter with HELENE (Old Woman), Alex’s aunt, while in bed, Alex nervously reveals to Grace that the Le Domas family...