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Market March 6, 2018    Sold March 6, 2018
Producer Neal H. Moritz
Agent Gabriel Mena, Valarie Phillips (Paradigm)
Manager Nicholas Bogner (Affirmative Entertainment and Productions)
Studio Sony
Under wraps but about a crew of scientists who explore the afterlife
A former pilot takes a team of researchers on a rescue mission to The Infinite, a parallel realm that is also the afterlife.
A famous pilot joins forces with a mysterious crew of scientists and explorers on a quest to discover and explore the true final frontier: the afterlife
A famous pilot and explorer must navigate a mission in the afterlife in order to save the world.
Action, Sci-fi, Faith/Spirituality, Supernatural, Daughter, Death, Father/Daughter, Film, Science
M White 45 Average
Inception, Alien, Flatliners, The Matrix
Present, over the course of a day
Los Angeles, Arctic military base, interior of spaceship, bamboo forest, desert, bar interior

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Pilots PIERRE HERRINGTON (Adult) and ANITA TODD (Adult) navigate their ship, the S.S. NADIR, through a dark, mysterious place. The ship becomes caught in a dark webbing of foreign matter, and Anita is killed as she goes outside to investigate.

Meanwhile, OAK RAMSAY (40’s), a famous pilot and explorer, attempts to drive his car off a cliff after speaking at a convention in Las Vegas. He is stopped by a military convoy, which takes him to an isolated base in the Arctic. There, he encounters his ex-wife MADELINE RAMSAY (40’s), a scientist and inventor, and JOE STALLWORTH (50’s), another scientist, who say that they need his help piloting a mission. Oak refuses, but is told that he will not be allowed to leave the base. Mariana asks him to help pilot since he is the only pilot she trusts.

Stallworth and Madeline show Oak a void in the Earth, leading seemingly to nowhere. They explain that the void is the entrance to another dimension, which they believe to be the afterlife. The vessel seen previously was on an exploration mission when it became stuck, and is now causing catastrophic damage to both worlds. Madeline tells Oak that she needs him to lead...
Reader 1 Comments
“Infinite” follows a team of scientists and researchers as they travel on a ship into The Infinite, a dimension that is supposedly the afterlife, so that they can rescue another ship that has gone missing. The ship is piloted by Oak Ramsay, a former explorer of uncharted territories. “Infinite” has an intriguing and original premise, as the researchers explore a realm that is supposedly a physical manifestation of the afterlife. The structure is clear, with flashbacks to Oak’s past that provide emotional resonance, and most of the time the pacing works to slowly reveal information, though some of the details of The Infinite could be developed in greater detail to make the logic of the world clearer. While it does invoke a number of tropes typical to other science-fiction films, it also has new areas to explore with this afterlife-realm, and has potential to be an exciting and interesting science fiction film....
Reader 2 Comments
OVERALL (Consider)
‘Infinite’ follows Oak Ramsay and a group of scientists as they try to explore what they believe to be a bridge to the afterlife. The premise is interesting but not necessarily original as a few movies have explored this theme, a few of which have come out in the past five years. The characters are flat but sympathetic. The dialogue is a bit long winded at times but descriptive. The craft is also very descriptive and clear. The structure is a conventional three act with some flashbacks included to aid the character development and propel the plot....
Reader 3 Comments
OVERALL (Consider)
In “Infinite” the audience follows Oak, a pilot and explorer, as he leads a daring mission into the afterlife to save the world. Overall, the plot is well-structured and paced, creating an exciting and engaging narrative that keeps the audience riveted to the plot. While some secondary characters are unnecessary, Oak is an empathetic and compelling protagonist who serves as the narrative’s centerpiece. While there are some logical inconsistencies within scenes, the plot is overall well-written and creative, and represents a compelling narrative that is exciting to read....