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Market December 15, 2017    Sold March 1, 2018
Agent Joe Mann (CAA)
Manager Zac Frognowski (Grandview)
Studio Warner Brothers
A black father raises his two sons isolated and alone in the woods. They’ve never met another person in their entire lives, and have learned to survive and protect their fragile family at all cost. When they find a mysterious wounded white girl lost in their woods, prejudice, lies, and love set them on a collision course with the real world that puts all their lives at risk.
The lives of a black father and his two sons who live secluded in a forest are turned upside down when one son finds an injured white girl.
Action, Thriller, Black Theme, Daughter, Father, Father/Son, Film, Racially Based, Rural
M Black 14 Average
Straw Dogs, Get Out, Hanna
present, several days.
Various locations int eh woods, a fast food joint, inside a secluded cabin, militia camp, police station

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A family in a car is pulled over by the police. There is an argument, but the details are not shown.

CASSIUS (42) and his two sons MALCOLM (14) and MANDELA (11) fish and hunt together in their cabin off the grid.

As a large storm approaches, Cassius goes out to get supplies. He returns to the house with a broken leg and fever. He warns the Malcolm to beware white men.

As his father is too injured to hunt, Malcolm goes out to hunt. He crosses the treeline in pursuit of a doe and stumbles upon a thin and sickly JUNE (15). He covers her and leaves her with some supplies before returning home.

The next morning, Mandela and Malcolm hike out to find June. When they arrive at the spot Malcolm left her, she jumps out and attacks him. She releases Malcolm and they begin to set-up a fire.

When they return home, Cassius begins to grow suspicious. Mandela mentions the location of June, saying it is where they dumped the deer guts. Malcolm gets upset and they argue over what to do about her.

The next day, they return to see June. She tries to figure out where she is, but since Mandela...