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Market December 9, 2017    Sold December 21, 2017
Producer Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson
Agent Ellie Schiff, Valarie Phillips (Paradigm)
Manager David Katsman (LINK Entertainmen)
Production Appian Way
In a slightly futuristic, hyper-efficient Manhattan, a newly single book editor purchases a customizable sex android to assuage her broken heart. When her toy’s closed feedback loop starts to alter her personality, she must reevaluate the merits of a perfectly compatible partner.
A young woman falls in love with her new robot.
After purchasing a sex robot that is constantly affirming her thoughts, a woman begins to lose herself.
Drama, Sci-fi, Romance, Female Protagonist, Film, Love, Social Commentary, Technology
F Unspecified 25 Attractive
Lars and the Real Girl, Air Doll, Black Mirror Season 2 episode 1, Her
Several months, near future
Manhattan office scenes, brownstone apartment, ice rink, Dayton

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In Gramercy Tavern, engaged couple, MARCH BERGER (Late 20s) and RED CORBY (Late 20s), discuss their incompatibility. Three months later, March's proposal at her publishing firm, gets stricken down by her boss, HOPE TRACER (50s). It is revealed that the meeting is to abridge "The Great Gatsby" and the general consensus is that Gatsby be removed.

March and her coworkers, BLUSH MEEKS (20s) and CARBON TRULY (30s) discuss sex robots and relationships at a bar.

In her modern, empty house, March browses male sex dolls online. A few days later, one arrives in the mail. She powers it on, but is alarmed when it speaks and powers it back off.

While her sister, DELL BERGER (30s), watches March tosses a football with her nephew REGIS (11) in a suburban town, much more familiar than the hyper-efficient Manhattan. Dell and March discuss partner compatibility.

March goes to a bookstore where long-form literature has been replaced by hyper-abridged versions. She returns home and makes love to her sex doll.

At work, Hope berates March for not making her abridged versions abridged enough, giving her until the end of the quarter to improve.

In her apartment, March talks to the sex doll, DAVID JOHN. He makes suggestions about her...