• Health and Wellness
  • Joe Epstein
  • Black List Set Up 2017 Thriller
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Market May 10, 2017    Sold December 11, 2017
Actor Anne Hathaway, Rachel O'Connor
Producer Amy Pascal
Manager Ken Gross (Ken Gross Management )
Agent Darian Lanzetta (CAA)
Studio Tristar Productions
Production Pascal Pictures
A sociopath obsessed with self-improvement claws her way to the top of the fitness world, leaving a trail of broken bodies in her wake.
A fitness trainer's obsession with the perfect life and body leads to murderous inclinations.
A female psychopath uses a passion for fitness to work people over the edge, to death.
A murderous fitness instructor fights her way to the top of the fitness world, leaving a wake of bodies in her path.
Thriller, Female Protagonist, Film, Killer, Murder, Obsession, Serial Killer
F Unspecified 30 Attractive
"American Psycho”, “Psycho”, and “Silence of the Lambs”, "The Trainer"
Present, A Few Months
Set in Los Angeles, pet store, fitness studios, office, hotel conference room, expo center, suburbs, gym, apartment complex, rec center, sushi restaurant, Reebok headquarters, Venice Bungalow, Santa Monica Pier

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In downtown L.A., JACQUELINE HEATH (Adult) saves a stray cat and sells it to a pet store. She witnesses a fitness class, and becomes an instructor.

At a fitness conference, Jacqueline meets SHAWN KELLY (Adult), a fitness guru, who tells the attendees that Reebok is looking for the face of its new gym. Jaqueline enlists Shawn’s help in securing Reebok’s sponsorship. Shawn advises Jacqueline to create her brand on social media. Obsessive, Jacqueline begins training PETER (Adult), an overweight dad, in order to have before and after pictures from her training program. She also begins a relationship with ALEX (30’s) and fosters OLIVIA (12) in order to make herself more appealing to others.

Jacqueline’s following on social media grows, and popularity for her fitness classes increases. However, Olivia’s service worker, LAURIE (Adult), tries to remove Olivia from Jacqueline’s care, Jacqueline gets rid of her, assumedly killed. After Jacqueline insults Alex during her fitness class, Alex breaks up with her. Peter stops showing up to class. Infuriated, Jacqueline forces Peter to run until he collapses, dead.

Shawn cancels Jacqueline’s meeting with Reebok after she tells him that Peter quit her class. However, Jacqueline goes behind his back and reestablishes the meeting. She meets KAREN...