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Market February 10, 2017    Sold November 17, 2017
Agent Tom Drumm (Think Tank Management and Production )
Studio Overbrook Entertainment
Production Mad Chance Productions
This story chronicles the time and emotional motivation of Michael Jordan leaving basketball and pursuing baseball.
A famed basketball player trades his basketball shoes for baseball cleats as he attempts to live up to his father's baseball dreams.
After the death of his father, a decorated NBA star trades the hoop for a bat.
Michael Jordan tries to play major league baseball following the death of his father.
Drama, Sports, Biopic, Athlete, Baseball, Basketball, Celebrity, Dysfunctional Family, Fame, Father, Father/Son, Film, Fish-Out-Of-Water, Mid-life Crisis, True Story
M Black 30 Fit
“I, Tonya,” “The Blind Side,” “Ali,” “Remember the Titans,” "Million Dollar Arm," "Mr. 3000"
1993-1995, Over the Course of a Couple Years.
Various baseball teams' clubhouses and stadiums in different cities. Also scenes in Michael Jordan's mansion, Bulls basketball stadium, various houses and motels, buses, restaurants, and various locations in 1970's North Carolina.

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This is a test.  JORDAN (12) plays baseball with his father, JAMES JORDAN (38).
In the present, police find James Jordan murdered in his car.

Michael and his family gather for the funeral. At the funeral, Michael (30) and his sister, SIS JORDAN (34) fight about Michael’s speech at the service.

Michael falls into depression, and loses his love for basketball. He meets with JERRY REINSDORF (57), owner of the Chicago White Sox, and tells him that he would like to play baseball, which was his father’s dream. He quits the Chicago bulls and goes to White Sox training camp, where he struggles amid media attention. After a poor showing, he makes the double-A team, and goes to Birmingham, Alabama, to play. The move causes tension within his family, who still live in Chicago.

When Michael arrives in Birmingham, he meets his team’s manager, TERRY “TITO” FRANCONA (35), a struggling manager and former baseball player. Michael is appalled by the conditions of the team’s equipment, and uses his wealth to by the team a new bus and the players new shoes. Michael initially does not fit in with the team due to his fame, but he gradually makes friends with the other players. After...