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Market October 13, 2017    Sold November 17, 2017
Producer Jack Heller
Manager Jake Wagner, Scott Stoops (Good Fear Film + Management)
Agent Charles Ferraro, Jordan Lonner (UTA)
Studio Assemble Media
A misanthropic man notices bizarre changes in himself, his wife, and the animals inhabiting the territory around their homestead as they attempt to survive self-imposed isolation.
A husband and wife try to hold onto their sanity as the animals around their home begin to take on human characteristics.
Thriller, Horror, Film, Man vs Nature, Marriage, Psychological Thriller, Secrets
M Unspecified 35 Average
The Shining, Okja
Present day, over several months
Forest, remote cabin, general store

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After returning from a hunting trip, BEN (30’s) discusses plans to prepare his wilderness home for winter with his wife, REIN (30’s). The next day, Ben begins working around the homestead to prepare it for winter, while Rein paints in her studio and tends to her garden. On a hunt, Ben notices the deer around his home watching him. He mentions this to Rein, who dismisses his paranoia. After going to a nearby town for supplies, Ben tells Rein that he thinks they should stop going to the general store completely. Rein is dismayed, but accepts Ben’s opinion. During dinner, Rein vomits.

Ben leaves to hunt, leaving Rein at home. Rein sees a deer watching her, and follows it into the woods. There, she witnesses Ben shooting a herd of deer, and is disgusted. At dinner that night, she tells Ben that she wants to become a vegetarian. Ben is angry, but accepts her decision. The next night, Ben sees Rein eating raw garlic.

While on a hunt a few weeks later, Ben witnesses a deer standing on its hind legs, like a human. Confused, he shoots at the deer. That night, Ben and Rein fight over Rein’s decision to become a...