• Playing With Fire
  • Dan Ewen
  • Comedy Family Set Up 2018 S
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Market February 16, 2018    Sold February 16, 2018
Matt Dine
Agent Chris Ridenhour, William Lowery (APA)
Studio Paramount Pictures
Production Broken Road Productions
A group of rugged firefighters meets their match after rescuing a trio of rambunctious children.
A group of macho and rugged firemen are in for a surprise when they meet their match in three rambunctious children they save from a fire.
A group of highly trained firefighters must house three children for a night – their biggest challenge yet.
A group of tough firefighters meet their match in three orphaned kids when they're forced to care for them for a day.
Comedy, Family, Holiday, Ensemble Cast, Film, Heartwarming, Workplace
M Unspecified 29 Fit
Uncle Buck, Home Alone, The Pacifier, The Game Plan, Despicable Me
Present, A Couple Days
Various locations in the snowy Eastern Sierra Nevada, at the beginning a forest fire in the mountains. Scenes in a fire station, a burning cabin by a frozen lake, the woods, and a highway in the mountains.

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Firemen struggle to contain a forest fire in the Sierra Nevada until the smokejumpers arrive and effectively put it out. SUPERINTENDENT JOHN CARSON (adult) leads his team, MAURICE (adult), RODRIGO (adult), and AXE (adult), garnering the admiration of residents. The group then returns to the depot, and it becomes evident that John is a loner with no real friendships. Local scientist AMY (late 20s) scolds John for damaging the ecosystem she's studying, but he doesn't seem concerned. Peace is disturbed when the firefighters leave to put out a fire in a cabin by the lake, where John rescues BRYNN (15), WILL (10), and ZOE (2). PATTY (adult), the CPS worker, tells John that she won't be able to pick up the kids that day, and he'll be responsible for watching them for a night. The kids wreak havoc at the depot, setting off flare guns, but Maurice, Rodrigo, and Axe bond with the children. John receives a call from COMMANDER RICHARDS (adult), who informs him that if he were to become the next Commander, he wouldn't be able to keep his current team. He puts the kids to bed.

Meanwhile, Patty gets into a car accident while driving to the depot,...