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Market January 12, 2017    Sold December 21, 2017
Producer Ben Stiller, Lee Stobby, Stuart Cornfeld
Agent Ryan Saul (APA), Peter McHugh (Gotham Group)
Manager Lee Stobby (Lee Stobby Entertainment)
Production Lee Stobby Entertainment, Red Hour Films
A seemingly progressive suburban husband and wife rent their garage through Airbnb but soon become suspicious of their Muslim guests. As they investigate these visitors, they unwittingly trigger events that will forever change the course of human history.
A couple tries to stop their suspicious Muslim AirBnB guests from terrorizing the Vice President.
A suburban couple suspects their AirBnB guests might be terrorists planning an impending attack.
A suburban couple believes that their Airbnb tenants may be terrorists.
Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller, Mystery, War, Apocalyptic, Conspiracy, Investigation, Racially Based, Secrets, Social Commentary, Terrorist, Time Travel
M White 35 Average
Twelve Monkeys, Time Crimes, Terminator, Keeping Up with the Jones, Disturbia, The Conversation, Pacific Heights
Present, A Week
All scenes take place in Seattle. Various scenes in and around the Space Needle ext. and int. and a suburban home and garage. Some scenes at a bar, a diner, and a desert wasteland version of the suburban neighborhood.

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SEAN HARRISON (30s) has a dream that his wife KIMBERLY (30s) leaves him. He wakes up to his AirBnB guests, AMIR and JAHAN RAZI, a Middle-Eastern-American brother and sister. After dinner together, Amir and Jahan go to their space in the renovated garage while Kim and Sean argue about their marraige.

The next day, Sean's friend MARTY KLINGER (40s) comes over to asses water damage to their roof as they are trying to sell their house. After, Marty and Sean hang out and discuss the coming divorce.

Sean receives a package for Amir and accidentally opens it, seeing that it is the blueprint of a building, and words in Farsi. He brings this up with Kim, but she accuses him of being racist.

In the middle of the night, there is a loud bang from the garage and bright lights. Kim and Sean watch. They decide the siblings must have blown a fuse. The next day, Sean goes to the garage to put up curtains and check out the blown fuse. Jahan watches him closely. He becomes suspicious when Jahan, who was introduced as being deaf, begins to hum the same tune as him. He notices a box of high-tech materials.

Kim comes home...