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Market April 10, 2017    Sold May 17, 2017
Agent Candice Thom, Dayne Kelly (RGM Artists)
Manager Chris Deckard, Krista Carpenter (Fictional Entity)
Financier Rumble Films
9-2019 - Screened at the Toronto Film Festival.
A young girl comes of age in a repressive religious cult led by a charismatic patriarch, but grows skeptical of his leadership and begins to challenge it.
A girl questions the very essence of her faith as the legitimacy of her leader dwindles.
Drama, Thriller, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Coming of Age, Film
F White NA Attractive
Children of the Corn, Sound of Music, Holy Hell
Modern Day/ Span of a few weeks
Lakes, Desert, Farmland, and Paddocks

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TAMAR and SELAH frolic about before joining follow sisters and wives for dinner. At the head of the table is the charming SHEPHERD. He picks ADRIEL and another for coitus after urgently speaking with MARIA about expanding the flock. The next day Selah and EVELYN argument leads to Selah delivering food to the Shepherd's more sickly wives. One night, Selah wakes up to the sirens of a car. POLICEMAN warns Shepherd that he will raid the home in search of missing girls. Frighten, Selah pretends she is asleep when the Shepherd returns the house, The next day the Shepherd shares his vision of leaving their home. Selah is reluctant to leave and speaks with the Shepherd about the mysterious man. The Shepherd assures Selah he is protecting her from the evil policeman who wants to take everyone away. Things somewhat return to normal as Selah becomes more mistrusting of the process. The Shepherd gives her the task of helping with the flock despite Maria's protest. Yet Selah dozes off only to wake up to peculiar white spots. As an old deformed ewe gives birth, Selah bleeds. The baby comes out deformed and in a strange fit, Selah kills the baby....